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Division of Online and Continuing Education Planning Document

The foundation of the OCE return plan is based on OCE continuing all operations and services safely and will include:

Overall Behavior expectations

A. Protective measures

  • No staff member should return to the building at any time if experiencing any kind of symptoms, COVID-19 or otherwise – each staff member should monitor their own health.
  • All staff should personally stay informed of the university training and updates that are available by:
  1. Completing COVID-19 Safety Training by Sept 4, 2020.
  2. Monitoring the Titans Return website for updates.
  3. Checking email regularly for important message information and updates.
  • Staff in a high-risk category or who live with family/others in high-risk categories should continue to work off-site. These staff should work with their supervisor to ensure that their telecommuting agreement is up to date.
  • Follow the implemented and signed building entry and exit plan for all people entering Lincoln Hall to minimize possible interactions between people. There is one entry and one exit through the main entry door and signage is displayed to remind people to wear face masks, utilize the disinfectant stations and maintain social distancing within the building.
  • To avoid cross contamination facilities workers and Daycare personnel should not use the connecting doors between the two facilities (OCE and Daycare) for entrance or exit.
  • Avoid carpooling.
  • Follow University Requirements (Refer to Titans Return document “What you need to do”, pages 8-15).


B. Staff needs and preferences

  • Each Director will work with their staff to ensure the needs and preferences for each staff member to either continuing to work off site or returning to work in some capacity at Lincoln Hall.
  • Any staff member that needs to return to work at Lincoln Hall, then there will be coordination between division units will determine how often and at what times. The scheduled coordination with other OCE staff members returning to work at Lincoln Hall will ensure a rotation so that a minimal the number of people are within the building at any one time.
  • Any staff returning to work at Lincoln Hall will need to complete the Checklist for Employees Working During the COVID-19 Pandemic.
  • Employees working on Access Campuses will follow the policies and procedures in place on their respective access campus.
  • All staff continuing to telecommute need to ensure that their Emergency Telecommuting agreement is still in place or is updated.
  • Staff working onsite must follow the guidelines for working on site. (Refer to Titans Return document “When you are at work on campus”, page 5).
  • Staff returning to work in Lincoln Hall should be prepared to return to off-site working at any time.
  • An analysis of current work equipment allocated to staff telecommuting will be conducted, inventoried and determined if adequate for performing duties effectively.

C. Access for internal/external people (students, instructors and CE associates).

  • Persons identified as mission critical that are required to enter Lincoln Hall. (e.g. CE personnel required to refresh supplies, make deposits and ingoing and outgoing mail) will coordinate these entries with other staff working within the building.
  • Mail delivery/pick up will resume August 24, 2020 and therefore require personnel being onsite to perform this function.
  • Identify protocols for external people (students & CE associates) entering Lincoln Hall – these will include social distancing, wearing masks, limiting entry and exiting of the building to the main entrance door.
  • Appropriate signage will be displayed at the entrance and within Lincoln Hall. (See third bullet point under Section A of Overall Behavioral expectations).
  • Any interior doors in Lincoln Hall that require opening to move through will be propped open during any hours of operation.
  • Safety supplies/equipment needed will be maintained at adequate levels including for cleaning stations that require disinfectant, masks, paper towel, trash bin and adequate signage.

Specific Unit Plans and Protocols Determined by OCE Division Directors

Administrative Office (AVC office, Budget & Finance)

  • AVC will continue to telecommute but will work within the building as needed.
  • Administrative Support will continue to telecommute.
  • Budget and Finance Manager will continue to telecommute but come the building as needed as she transitions to retirement.

Continuing Education (CE) in Lincoln Hall

  • All CE staff will continue to telecommute unless needed in the office to meet the needs of the department.
  • Examples are to include mailings, printing, deposits, etc.
  • Any CE staff that enters the building will notify the director for clearance and follow the safety policies set forth in this document to include Titans Return guidelines.

Continuing Education (CE) on Access Campuses

  • CE Director for Access Campuses / will continue to work remotely but may come to any of the campuses upon request.
  • CE Assistant (Fox Cities) – will return one or two days per week to get mail and scan/copy if needed but will continue to generally work remotely.
  • CE Assistant (Fond du Lac) – will not be returning to campus and the office will remain closed indefinitely. (Note: It has been recommended by Access Campuses that those who can work remotely should continue to work remotely.)

       Online Degrees and Certificates

  • Director of Curriculum and Instruction will continue to telecommute but work within the building one-half day per week (rotates Monday one week, Tuesday other weeks).
  • FERM Program Manager will continue to telecommute but work within the building one day per week.
  • Media Specialist will return to regularly working within the building for four half days per week, telecommuting the rest of the week.

       Advising and Recruiting

  • Interim Director will continue to telecommute.
  • Advisors will continue to telecommute.
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