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Workplace Wellness Conference Presenters


Hope Zvara guides participants through the process of living in their bodies again. She believes in helping others purposefully excel by using the three B’s:

Breath – Understanding the conscious and unconscious efforts of the breath,

Body – Seeing the body as the soul’s last attempt to get us to listen; observing how posture is the easiest and quickest way to change how we feel,

Believe – Diving deep into the mind and belief system to see where our barriers are, and change our thought process to believing that – yes, we are enough!

Zvara’s presentations and workshops are a wonderful composition of all her life lessons, training and hands-on experience. She gives hope and empowers individuals and organizations. Her passion for living life with purpose fills a room. Zvara’s mission is to help others purposefully excel through breath, body, belief as a way to see value in who they are and all they do. Her insight into life and guidance is authentic, humble and motivational.

Zvara has been nominated as Yoga Instructor of the Year 2008-09, “Yoga Hall of Fame,” awarded Top Women in Business 2007-08 by Cambridge Who’s Who, and has been featured in: Mind Body Green, Daily News,, and on the cover of Nature’s Pathway Magazine.


Sharon Mylrea is an experienced organizational development consultant and adult education professional who has worked in a variety of settings with a variety of clients for over 20 years.

At UW Oshkosh, Mylrea has been a staff member of the Center for Community Development, Engagement and Training (CCDET) since 2008. She has extensive experience in analyzing and defining approaches to achieve organizational objectives, identifying requirements and deliverables, and clarifying key business goals. Mylrea has also designed, developed and delivered training curriculum in both classroom and on-line formats as part of the UW Oshkosh CCDET Dementia Project Team. In addition, she has designed, developed and facilitated a number of focus groups with stakeholders for external customers and UW Oshkosh partners. 

Prior to her work with CCDET, Mylrea served as the Training Director for the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT). In this position, she directed and managed training programs for over 3,000 employees, as well as consultants, contractors and county/local government employees. At WisDOT, Mylrea consulted with top level department managers on strategic and business planning issues, monitored and measured progress in meeting program goals, facilitated data-based problem-solving, and guided the implementation of new initiatives, programs and communication strategies.

During her career, Mylrea has developed effective working relationships with many State government and University of Wisconsin professionals, and has served in a variety of leadership roles in both State government and in private organizations. She holds a Bachelor of Science in social work and psychology.


Veronica Warren is the Counseling Center Associate Director at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. She received her BA in Psychology at the University of Michigan, her M.P.A. in public administration at Central Michigan University, and (her) M.A. in Counseling at Ashland Theological Seminary.

Warren has expertise in fostering strong relations with youth and college students as an educator, counselor and advisor, and works with them to improve their educational performance and quality of life. She is highly accomplished in communication, organization, compliance, staff management and program development.

Warren fosters an attitude of positive psychology in her daily experiences. She conducts wellness programming for clients and professionals to incorporate and maintain life balance.