Summer Programs

Join American students while you explore a new academic field.  Develop English language skills within a topic area!

Most programs are open only to university-age students.  A few programs are open to high school or junior high school-age students.  A parent or guardian must travel to UW Oshkosh and remain with any student who is age 17 or younger.

Summer program participants may choose to live on campus or may reserve rooms in a waterfront hotel near campus (you must be 23 years old or older or be accompanied by a parent or guardian to reserve a hotel room).  More information will be provided when confirming participation.

Summer program participants may eat in campus cafeterias or in restaurants located near campus housing or may choose to use shared kitchens in on-campus housing (if renting a room on campus) to cook.

Intensive English Program
Minimum Age: 18
Maximum Participants: no maximum


International Student Services