Professional Communication Certificate

Increase Your Influence Within Any Organization!

Professional communication skills are required in all careers as well as for engaged citizenship. Coursework complements other majors and career options and provides a pathway that allows students from all majors to develop the skills that are in demand by employers.

Learning Outcomes

  • Create oral and written messages appropriate to the audience, purpose and context.
  • Critically analyze and deliver messages in professional contexts.
  • Apply communication theories, perspectives, principles and concepts to manage challenges in professional contexts.
  • Demonstrate intercultural knowledge and competence.
  • Evaluate local, national and/or global issues from a communication perspective.
  • Advocate a course of action to address local, national and/or global issues from a communication perspective.

Core Courses (Three courses/12 credits)

  • Public Speaking and Presentation Skills
    COMM 111: Introduction to Public Speaking
  • Intercultural Communication
    COMM 322: Online Studies of Intercultural Communication for Adult Learners
  • Advanced Communication Competencies
    COMM 384: Online Business and Professional Speaking for Adult Learners

Elective Courses (One course/Three credits)

  • Choose one of the following Communication in Context courses:
    COMM 228: Communication and Technology: Theory and Practice
    COMM 216: Online Interpersonal Communication for Adult Learners
    COMM 380: Introduction to Organizational Communication Studies

How much will it cost?

Budgeting for your certificate is manageable with our standard tuition rate for all professional certificate courses, $360 per credit. Courses taken outside of your professional certificate requirements may have additional fees.

Rate Tuition
Per Credit $360
Per Course $1,080
Total $4,320

How long will it take?

Thanks to our accelerated seven-week course format, this professional certificate can be completed in as little as a year depending on your personal and professional obligations.

More Information

If you are interested in this program or would like to know more, please contact UW Oshkosh at (920) 424-0234 or email You can also request information by completing this online form.


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