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Certificate in Forensic Investigation

The Certificate in Forensic Investigation combines classes from anthropology, criminal justice and journalism to provide students with a well-rounded credential carried out by law enforcement as well as the medical and legal communities.  Students who complete the program will develop skills in photographic and videographic documentation, human skeletal analysis, legal requirements for evidence and the process of fossilization. 

Students in this program choose four courses from a list of seven options, allowing students to truly customize the certificate to their specific interests and career goals.


Because a student can customize their certificate based on their interests, the program fits a broad scope of forensic, legal, anthropology and geology professions. Students who complete the Certificate in Forensic Investigation will be able to:  

  • Understand the legal requirements for evidence to be acceptable in the court of law.
  • Describe the types of information forensic anthropologists can provide law enforcement from human skeletal remains. 
  • Collect appropriate photographic and videographic documentation from forensically significant scenes and objects.
  • Understand how the fossilization processes impact forensically significant scenes and objects. 
  • Recognize forensically significant skeletal remains relative to those of non-human animals and archaeological osteological elements. 
  • Describe the forensically appropriate way to recover skeletal remains from death investigations.

Affordable and Flexible Format

With just four courses, the Certificate in Forensic Investigation can be completed in just two semesters (or four, seven-week sessions). All of the courses for the certificate program are available 100% online. We offer rolling admission so students can start at the beginning of any seven-week session. There’s no need to wait for the start of an official semester—you can begin earning your certificate when you’re ready. 

Professors schedule assignment deadlines, but coursework and readings are done at a time that best fits your schedule. There are no live classes or scheduled meeting times, which means our programs work for working professionals. 

Courses in the UWO+ program are stackable, which helps you complete your certificate sooner! Students in the UWO+ program can enroll in one or more courses each semester and the accelerated format means you’ll take fewer courses at the same time.

Student Support

At UW Oshkosh, student support is at the heart of all that we do. We offer career guidance, personal support and flexible learning opportunities. UWO+ programs offer high-touch support services, so whether you need technical assistance with the learning platform or help with your assignments, we are here to help you succeed. 




UWO+ programs are affordable and optimize the return on investment for students who want to see how online courses fit into their schedules. The four-course, 12-credit certificate program is priced at $295* per credit. 

 We offer no-pressure credit and cost assessments before you even apply! Connect with an advisor to receive an individualized evaluation of your transfer credits. Fill out the form toward the bottom of this page or email oce@uwosh.edu today!



Online and Accelerated

The accelerated Certificate in Forensic Investigation program offers additional flexibility for students working full time whether you work outside or inside the home.

There are no required scheduled meeting times, but there are deadlines and due dates for projects, assignments and discussions.

Our online class instructors use Canvas and other online resources to give you the best at-home learning experience. Each class is guided and our instructors are always ready to help if you get stuck and need assistance.

Guided syllabi help scheduling your life around school easy and accessible.


UWO+ programs are designed for working professionals. Students are required to meet the admission requirements set by the UW Oshkosh Office of Undergraduate Admissions. We review each application using a comprehensive review process. 

There is no admission fee to apply to UWO+ programs. 


You can get a no-pressure credit and cost evaluation with one of our dedicated advisors. Even if you don’t have previous credits to transfer, we can talk about your work and life experiences and help you understand which UWO+ degree programs meet your career and life goals.   

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Tons of Career Options

UWO+ degrees prepare students to be leaders in a wide variety of workplace environments.

Transfer Credits

Transfer in eligible credits from previous institutions. We’ll evaluate your individual experience on a case-by-case basis.


Military credits are eligible for transfer. Visit the UW Oshkosh Veteran’s Resource Center for information about more military benefits.

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