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Department of Social Work

October 19, 2021 @ 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Department of Social Work


01:00 pm


Swart Hall 230


1. Announcements and Reminders
a. Civil Liberties Grants?
b. Volunteer Opportunities for students?
c. Recruiter from Mayo?
2. Items
a. Curriculum Committee Proposal Passed
I. The SW Program will add a 2-hour History of Social Work course.
II. The History course, and the already-existing Ethics Course, will be offered simultaneously over the 8-weeks of summer. They will be the first courses taken by new, full-time foundation-level students. New, part-time foundation-level students will take one or the other as their first course in the MSW program.
III. Generalist Practice I (SW 702) will be offered in the fall, 1st 7-weeks.
IV. Interviewing Lab (SW 703) will be moved to the fall, 2nd 7-weeks.
V. General Practice II (SW 704) is moved to the spring and will run the entire semester.
VI. Social, Economic, and Environmental Justice (SW 726) is offered as the ADP alternative to SW 727.
VII. MSW to require only one elective to graduate (with the option to take more electives if desired by student). Total number of credit hours for the full program remains the same.
VIII. Regarding Soc Work 720 (Diversity in Practice): Committee discusses moving Soc Work 720 to an 8-week summer term course, taken concurrently with 710. SW 720 will become the first course in the advanced curriculum and will thus need to be renumbered.
IX. Seminar for incoming MSW students. Options include a zero-credit or one-credit course: Topics such as APA writing, Licensure, and other non-course-specific but universally useful topics would be offered. Renee will share information on the cost for students of either.
X. To maintain the current number of credit hours, with the removal of one elective and the addition of history, the other credit hour can either be added to SW 741 (to teach dissemination) or devoted to the aforementioned seminar.
b. Evaluation Options
a. E performance (new last year, every year)
b. Merit (every two years if needed)

Year One / Foundation (27 Foundation Credits)


SW 701 Ethical Standards of Social Work Practice 2
SW 7__ History of Social Work 2

Fall Hours

SW 702 Generalist Practice I (1st 7 weeks) 3
SW 703 Interviewing Lab (2nd 7 weeks) 2
SW 707 Human Behavior & the Social Environment 3

January Interim

SW 708 Social Welfare Policy 2


SW 704 Generalist Practice II 3
SW 709 Field and Seminar I 6
17 weeks x 18 hours/week (306 hours)
17 hours in class

Summer [Combines Foundation and Advanced Courses]

SW 710 Field and Seminar II 4
8 weeks x 18 hours/week (144 hours)
8 hours in class
SW 7__ Practice in a Diverse Community 3 (Advanced Standing also take this)

Year Two / Advanced (26 Advanced Credits; 3 Elective Credits)

Fall Hours

SW 726 Social, Economic, and Environmental Justice 3 Required for ADP Students
SW 727 Psychopathology & Strengths-based Assessment 3 Required for MH Students
SW 731 Program Evaluation, PO, & EBP 2
SW 729 Field and Seminar 5
17 weeks x 15 hours/week (250 hours)
17 hours in class

January Interim (considered part of fall semester)

SW 728 Advanced Policy Practice 2


SW 724 Advanced Mental Health Practice Methods 3 Required for MH Students
SW 725 Advanced Direct Practice Methods 3 Required for ADP Students
SW 733 Field and Seminar 5
17 weeks x 15 hours/week (250 hours)
17 hours in class
Elective 3 Elective can be taken anytime in the program

May Interim

SW 741 Advanced Research Methods & Dissemination 3

Renee Pasewald



October 19, 2021
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm