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April 14, 2021 @ 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Video Conference Call

UW Oshkosh Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee Meeting
April 14, 2021 – Collaborate Ultra – 1:00 PM
Join Meeting:
Dial in: +1-571-392-7650 PIN: 585 359 9998

Current IACUC Members (11 voting members) Quorum=6
Colin Long, Associate Dean COLS, IACUC Chair
Peter Gasper, Attending Campus Veterinarian
M. Elsbeth McPhee, Scientist, Environmental Studies
Courtney Kurtz, Scientist, Biology
Melinda Mann, Dietetics, Nonaffiliated
Stephanie Spehar, Scientist, Anthropology, Global Religions, and Cultures
James Koch, Scientist, Psychology
Michael Jasinkski, Nonscientist, Political Science
Kelly Schill, IACUC Administrator, Sponsored Programs/Risk & Safety
Sara Hagedorn, Laboratory Animal Manager, Biology
Jaide Gavinski, Student, Animal Care Staff

Alternate IACUC Members
Sheldon Cooper, Scientist, Biology
Robert Stelzer, Scientist, Biology

Animal Care and Use Program Key Personnel
John Koker, Provost & Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Institutional Official for Research
Colin Long, IACUC Chair, Associate Dean of College of Letters and Science
Peter Gasper, Attending Veterinarian, One Medicine LLC
Kelly Schill, IACUC Administrator, Sponsored Programs/Risk & Safety
Sara Hagedorn, Laboratory Animal Manager, Biology


I. Meeting called to order at ____________ (Chair Long).
II. Circulation of meeting sign in sheet (and when applicable semi-annual report signature sheet)
III. Approval of Minutes from
IV. Continuing Education (Schill): OLAW Webinar: 21st Century Cures Act: Update on Implementation
V. Training Updates (Hagedorn)
a. Animal Care Training since last meeting:
b. Respirator Fit-Testing since last meeting:
VI. Animal Facility/Maintenance Updates (Hagedorn)
a. HACF and CACF cage washer
VII. Occupational/Environmental Health and Safety: (Schill/Welch)
a. EH&S Committee:
i. Committee is continuing work on the Working in Isolation Policy Draft
ii. An annual budget for AEDs was recently approved by VC Fletcher which will allow the replacement of old AEDs and AED supplies on a regular basis. The access campuses have their own budgets for AEDs as well as other safety-related items.
iii. Captain Tarmann and Lori Welch are working on establishing an animal control resource and procedure when facilities staff are contacted to assist with removal of wild animals on campus.
iv. Next EH&S meeting is April 20, 2021.
b. Lab Shop Studio Safety (LSSST):
i. Next LSSST meeting is April 29, 2021.
c. Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC):
i. Next IBC meeting is scheduled for April 27, 2021.
VIII. Old Business (0)
IX. New Business
a. Animal Use Protocols
i. Annual Continuing Reviews Since Last Meeting: (8) (Note: IACUC designates these reviews to IACUC Administrator Schill. Continuing review documents are available to all IACUC members in the protocol e-files upon request.)
a. (Year 1 and 2) Completed Since Last Meeting (7):
1. Protocol # 305-R1 Year 1: Breeding and Care of Mongolian Gerbils in a Research Setting (Michalski): no animals used in year 1 of this protocol.
2. Protocol # 314 Year 2: Treatment of Rodents with Bromodomain Inhibitors (Michalski): no animals used on this protocol.
3. Protocol 228-R3 Year 2: Maintenance of the Ornithodoros tartakovskyi Life Cycle (Michalski): Study is ongoing, 3 animals used to date, no problems reported.
4. Protocol 229-R3 Year 2: Maintenance of the Acanthocheilonema viteae Life Cycle (Michalski): study is ongoing, 11 gerbils and 7 hamsters used to date, no problems reported.
5. Protocol 233-R3 Year 2: Animal Physiology (Biology 319) Lab Experiments (Kurtz, Cooper): 32 goldfish used, no problems reported.
6. Protocol 320 Year 2: Production of a Germline Transgenic 13-Lined Ground Squirrel (Merriman): study is ongoing, 41 squirrels used in year 2, no problems reported.
7. Protocol 323 Year 1: Microplastics in the Lake Winnebago and Upper Mississippi River systems and the implications for food webs and water treatment infrastructure (Stelzer): no work has begun under this protocol, PI plans to begin the project this spring.
b. Year 3/Project Summary (1):
1. Protocol #311: Trapping small mammals to teach field methods and assess diversity on campus (McPhee): no animals used on study due to poor weather in 2019 and the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020-2021; renewal is pending DMR review.
ii. New Animal Use Protocols (0)
a. Via Designated Member Review (0):
b. Via Full Committee Review (0):
iii. Renewal of Animal Use Protocols (1)
a. Via Designated Member Review (1):
1. Protocol #311-R1: Trapping small mammals to teach field methods and assess diversity on campus (McPhee): Status- pending DMR review.
b. Via Full Committee Review (0):
iv. Modification Requests to Animal Use Protocols (3)
a. Via IACUC Administrative Review (0)
b. Via Veterinarian Verification and Consultation (VVC) (1)
1. Protocol #320: Production of a Germline Transgenic 13-Lined Ground Squirrel (Merriman): update to the isoflurane anesthesia machine setup for 13-lined ground squirrels anesthesia. Status: Approved 3/29/21 by Dr. Pete.
c. Via Designated Member Review (0)
d. Via Full Committee Review (2)
1. Protocol # 218-R3, 260-R2, 320, 325 (Merriman): PI Merriman is requesting to add Courtney Kurtz as a Co-PI to all her active protocols during her temporary leave of absence from her research funding (UW system requires a 75-day period from retirement to date of re-hiring). During the 75-day wait period, Merriman has been approved to work with animals on campus as an Emeritus volunteer.
2. Protocol # 320 (Merriman): Addition of species (rat) to serve as potential foster mother and sentinel animal for squirrels; request to co-house foster mother rats with 13-lined ground squirrels.
b. Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) (0) (Hagedorn)
c. Unexpected Event/Problem Reports (0) (Schill)
d. Post-Approval Monitoring (PAM): (0) (Schill)
e. Items from IACUC Administration/Compliance (Schill):
i. Animal Welfare Inspection Guide updated January 2021: APHIS removes guideline on self-reporting incentive for non-compliances
ii. Seeking a new nonaffiliated community member for IACUC; thank you to Melinda Mann for over 9 years of service
iii. Confidentiality Agreements will be circulated for IACUC members to sign
X. Items from Chair (Long):
XI. Items from the Veterinarian (Gasper):
XII. Items from the IACUC:
XIII. Items from the floor (guests):
XIV. Meeting Adjourned at ___________ (Long).

Upcoming Meetings:
a. Wednesday, May 19, 2021 at 1:00 PM, Virtual Collaborate Ultra Meeting
b. Protocol submission deadlines posted on website under IACUC Meetings tab.

cc: John Koker, Institutional Official for Research, submitted with Semi-Annual Review to IO

Kelly Schill



April 14, 2021
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm