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Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee

December 13, 2022 @ 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee


03:00 pm

Video Conference Call


I. Meeting called to order at ____________ (Chair Long).
a. Attendance and confirmation of quorum
II. Review of Minutes from October 25, 2022 IACUC Meeting
III. New Business
a. Animal Use Protocols
i. New Animal Use Protocols (1)
a. Via Designated Member Review (0):
b. Via Full Committee Review (1):
1. Protocol 335: Treatment of rodents with bromodomain inhibitors (Michelle Michalski)
ii. Renewal of Animal Use Protocols (#)
a. Via Designated Member Review (0):
b. Via Full Committee Review (#):
1. Protocol #302-R1: Temporary Holding of Animals (Sara Hagedorn)
iii. Modification Requests to Animal Use Protocols
a. Via IACUC Administrative Review (0)
b. Via Veterinarian Verification and Consultation (VVC) (1)
1. Protocol 330: The role of gut microbiota and immune system in adiposity and metabolic disease (Courtney Kurtz)
i. Veterinary verification by Dr. Gasper on 11/29/2022
c. Via Designated Member Review (0)
1 Via Full Committee Review (1)
1. Protocol 328: Hypothalamic regulation of torpor during hibernation (Courtney Kurtz and Benjamin Sajdak)
b. Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) (#) (Hagedorn)
i. New Standard Operating Procedures
ii. 3-Year Renewal of Standard Operating Procedures
a. SOP #2: Bird Care Procedure
b. SOP #3: 13-Lined Ground Squirrel Care Procedures
c. SOP #6: Tumor Burden in Rodents
d. SOP #19: Water Quality Monitoring
e. SOP #20: Guidelines for blood collection and analysis from wild-caught meadow voles, thirteen-lined ground squirrels, and mice under quarantine
f. SOP #38: Procedure for Animal Transfers
g. SOP #39: Procedure for Temporary Animal Holds
iii. Updated/Modified Standard Operating Procedures
a. SOP #21: Abnormal Clinical Sign Reporting
iv. Manuals
a. Disaster Plan
b. Emergency Calling Tree
c. Animal Care Manual
c. Unexpected Event/Problem Reports (0) (Schill)
d. Post-Approval Monitoring (PAM): (#) (Schill)
i. Protocol #: Title (PI): include
e. Semi-Annual Program Review and Facility Inspections : (Schill/Hagedorn)
i. Subcommittee conducted semi-annual facility inspections on 11/22/2022. Update on inspection results.
ii. Program review for full committee discussion.
V. Training Updates (Hagedorn)
a. Animal Care Training since last meeting:
b. Respirator Fit-Testing since last meeting:
VI. Animal Facility/Maintenance Updates (Hagedorn)
a. Cagewasher update
VII. Occupational/Environmental Health and Safety Updates: (Schill/Welch)
a. EH&S Committee:
i. Moving information from Risk & Safety Website to move it to the new website.
b. Lab Shop Studio Safety (LSSST):
i. Update from the November 3 LSSST Meeting.
c. Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC):
i. Next meeting with likely be early next spring semester.
VIII. Old Business
a. Protocol 333: Use of Pimonidazole to Track Oxygenation Status of Squirrel Tissues (Dana Merriman)
i. Submitted requested revision to be reviewed
IX. Items from IACUC Administration/Compliance (Schill):
a. Submitted the 2022 USDA Annual Report on 10/28/2022
b. Submitted the 2022 OLAW Annual Report on 11/11/2022
c. Started the completion of the 2022 AAALAC Annual Report which may be submitted on or after January 1, 2023.
d. OLAW updated their website
XI. Items from the Veterinarian (Gasper):
XII. Items from the IACUC:
XIII. Items from the floor (guests):
a. Animal Transport Vehicle (Dr. Merriman)
XIV. Meeting Adjourned at ___________ (Long).

Upcoming Meetings:
a. Spring meetings TBD: Doodle poll to be sent this month
b. Protocol submission deadlines will be posted on website under IACUC Meetings tab.

cc: John Koker, Institutional Official for Research, submitted with Semi-Annual Review to IO

Kelly Schill



December 13, 2022
3:00 pm - 4:00 pm