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Open Meeting Calendar

This is a list of open meetings at UW Oshkosh. All listings are submitted by the meeting organizers. Please contact the meeting organizer with questions. For additional information about UW Oshkosh open meeting posting procedures, please email For other events on the UW Oshkosh campus, please see our main events calendar.

Residence Life Search and Screen

Residence Life Search and Screen 03/30/2022 03:30 pm Video Conference Call - Welcome - Move to Closed Session -§19.85 (1)(c) - Discuss how the day went, turn in notes on interviewees - Exit Closed session - End of Meeting Sarah Gresley 03/18/2022

OSA Senate

OSA Senate 03/30/2022 05:00 pm In-Person Reeve Union, R202 Announcements Officer Reports Open Forum Discussion Appointments New/Old Business Tyler Klaver 03/24/2022

Special & Early Childhood Education

Special & Early Childhood Education 03/31/2022 08:15 am Video Conference Call Open Session: 1. Meeting Called to Order 2. Approval of Minutes DISCUSSION & DECISION ITEMS: 3. Discussion of a Split Placement in the Block Supporting Students with Complex Support Needs 4. ASL Policy 5. Re-envisioning the Role of Graduate Coordinator 6. Online BSE […]

S&S Career Development Coordinator (499948)

S&S Career Development Coordinator (499948) 03/31/2022 12:00 pm Video Conference Call 12:00 - open/greeting 12:02 - Closed session to tier applicants - §19.85 (1)(c) consideration of employment, promotion, compensation, or performance evaluation data Close meeting at the conclusion of tiering Jodi Kalmus 03/25/2022

Barlow Outreach Program Manager Search Meeting

Barlow Outreach Program Manager Search Meeting 03/31/2022 12:00 pm Video Conference Call AGENDA 1. Call to order (Joseph) 2. Approve minutes of the March 15 search meeting 3. Move to closed session per state statue 19.85(1)© (Joseph) a. Discuss Candidates b. Establish timeline/dates for candidate phone screens (All) 4. Motion to end closed session […]

COLS Curriculum Committee

COLS Curriculum Committee 03/31/2022 01:00 pm Video Conference Call AGENDA A. Approval of minutes from February 24, 2022 and March 3, 2022 B. Consideration of Curriculum Proposals: New Business: 1. BIO 186/WG STDS 130: Biology of Women- updates course title and course description (Form B) 2. BIO 305/505: Biology of Mammals- new course (Form […]

COEHS PEP Committee Meeting

COEHS PEP Committee Meeting   03/31/2022   01:00 pm   Video Conference Call   University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Meeting Notice   Name of Committee: PEP Committee Meeting Time: 1:00-2:00 p.m. Meeting Date: March 31 Meeting Location:   Meeting Agenda: Open Session Open announcements from PEP meeting participants   Old Business […]

COB Council Meeting

COB Council Meeting 03/31/2022 03:00 pm Video Conference Call I. Announcements II. Approval of Minutes – Meeting of March 17, 2022 (HO1) III. Decision Items: None IV. Discussion Items: A. Analytics Committee Formation (HO2) – B. Artz B. Fixed Compensation for Emeritus Pay Rate & Course Creation Stipends – B. Artz C. Master's in […]

Senate of Academic Staff

Senate of Academic Staff 03/31/2022 03:00 pm Video Conference Call Senate of Academic Staff Meeting Agenda March 31, 2022 3:00-4:30pm Via Microsoft Teams: Meeting Link: Call to Order Guest: Provost Koker – University Updates Approval of the Minutes of March 3, 2022 Reports: President’s Report Committee Reports Faculty Senate – (Smolinski) Oshkosh Student […]

Green Fund Committee

Green Fund Committee 03/31/2022 04:00 pm In-Person Reeve 205 & Microsoft Teams Review and update Green Fund PPM & Bylaws Sarah Kleinschmidt 03/29/2022