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This is a list of open meetings at UW Oshkosh. All listings are submitted by the meeting organizers. Please contact the meeting organizer with questions. For additional information about UW Oshkosh open meeting posting procedures, please email For other events on the UW Oshkosh campus, please see our main events calendar.
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Undergraduate Programs Committee

September 20, 2021 @ 11:30 am - 12:30 pm

Undergraduate Programs Committee


11:30 am

Video Conference Call

1. Approve minutes from April 28th meeting (HO1)
2. Approve minutes from September 8th meeting (HO2)
3. Announcements:
a. A warm welcome to Abdullah!!!
b. Reminders:
i. We need LO1A elements for Finance 331, BUS LAW and IS 311.
ii. For all of us, please double check to make sure that our core and pre-core course content and post-tests reflect these elements in the LO1A rubric
iii. BBA annual assessment report department responses (see below)
4. Discussion Items:
a. Continuation of AOL plan creation and implementation
i. Goal this year is to fill in much of the table in Appendix Table 6 (HO12)
ii. We begin working on finalizing and approving the rubrics that we’ll use for implementation. At this point we plan to apply a “wait-and-see” approach to setting performance expectations.
iii. (HO08) LO 1A (business knowledge): finalize and implement
iv. (HO09) LO 1B (business connections): finalize and implement
v. (HO10) LO 2C (diversity, inclusion, equity): approve rubric and plan, implement in Spring
vi. (HO11) LO 3A (ethics): approve rubric and plan, implement in Spring
b. Discuss creating an AoL Committee
i. Purpose is to remove much of the AoL day-to-day tasks from UPC, with UPC acting as the approving authority of any AoL plan changes (HO13)
c. BBA annual assessment report (Fall)
i. Faculty can begin looking at what occurred in the post-test data last year (20-21).
ii. As an annual occurrence, departments compose a short response to the core and pre-core post-test data from Fall 20 and Spring 21, noting any changes that year in the courses or post-tests. Focus this year should be on any lasting changes the department made rather than particular question or course scores, since these may all be changing this year.
5. Decision item:
a. Establish a working group to craft a rubric, assessment measures and performance expectations for LO 4C (data analysis).
6. Curricular Items:
a. Globalization Form C (HO3 – HO5)
b. Accounting Form B (HO06)
c. Accounting Form C (HO07)
7. Walkons

Halle Breske



September 20, 2021
11:30 am - 12:30 pm