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UW Oshkosh Campus Stories—Oral History Project

Our multi-year oral history project began in spring 2016 with the students of  History 210: Topics in the Modern History of the U.S.: Oral History of UW Oshkosh Quest III course.  As the project continues we continue to look for more volunteers among former students, faculty, staff, community members and others impacted by the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh.

You can listen to many of the interviews already recorded by visiting the Campus Stories website from the University Archives.

We want to hear YOUR story!

We are looking for volunteers who are willing to be interviewed by Quest III students for the Campus Stories Oral History Project.  To volunteer, please click on the button on the right to fill out an online form.   We will keep you updated as the process moves forward and, in time, we hope to contact you to arrange an interview.

Oral History Process Details

  1. Narrators will be identified for interviews based by Quest III students from the project’s volunteer database.
  2. During the spring of 2018, Students will arrange with the narrators convenient times (interviews are typically an hour) to conduct interviews on campus, over the phone or in the narrator’s home .
  3. Subsequent courses (when offered) will continue the interviews.
  4. Interviews will be used to help tell our UW Oshkosh history as part of our upcoming sesquicentennial celebration in 2021.