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Announcements and Public Statements

Date: 6/1/20

On behalf of the OSA Senate

Resolution on UW System President Ray Cross’ Proposal  

Whereas, the UW System is experiencing difficult unprecedented times, the Senate appreciates President Cross’ attempt at maintaining financial stability, but notes the UW System Blueprint proposal deeply impacts students and lacks concrete evidence on projected financial stability, 

Whereas, the UW System does need to make sustainable financial decisions and bolster the online delivery model for future success of the UW System and comprehensive institutions, 

Whereas, the Oshkosh Student Association (OSA) Senate finds measure one (1) of the proposal deeply troubling because it doesn’t take the value of liberal arts education into consideration by suggesting we change the mission statement of each individual campus by becoming their own distinct institution; in fact this would undermine our core values that we have always held within the UW System, if universities were to modify their already existing mission statements,

Whereas, there would now be only one institution with a specific program that may deteriorate in quality due to the lack of program competition, resulting in students possibly leaving the UW System and choosing to attend a farther and/or more expensive competing institution in order to enter a specific program, 

Whereas, we as a student government value, appreciate, and respect those who work on our campus, we know that with difficult times come difficult decisions, but we encourage and advocate that the UW System do all that it can to protect the jobs of those who work on our campus, 

Whereas, accessibility of students to various campuses throughout the State (as well as students in our neighboring states) can be limited and this measure and possible alteration could limit a student’s ability to attend college overall,

Whereas, approximately ten percent (10%) of students in attendance at UW Oshkosh are undecided when starting college, this measure could drastically impact the ability for students to find a quality educational path they enjoy and can find success within, 

Whereas, while a concern in the UW System Blueprint proposal is that we cannot continue being “all things to all people,” by rewriting our mission statement(s) and being forced to choose specific programs of study per individual institution fundamentally alters the character of who we are as a UW System, 

Whereas, even when students come in with a decided major, they often change their major during their time in college because of the vast choice of classes offered at the various institutions within the UW System (liberal arts education), by taking this choice away you would be taking away the opportunity from students to find their true calling,

Whereas, transferring schools with this new possible measure could be incredibly challenging if the comprehensive institutions become distinct with their own learning objectives, resulting in students having to potentially travel farther within the State which could create challenges in accessibility and a financial burden,

Whereas, interdisciplinary studies would be directly affected as there would be no environment conducive to these studies if the comprehensive institutions become distinct to certain learning objectives, 

Whereas, the OSA Senate wants to seek the input of our fellow student governments as we navigate these difficult times; we may be at a different campus, but understanding changes to one campus impacts all campuses.

Whereas, general education and liberal arts aid in building a better and more wholesome humanity, improving the standard of living within the State and the world as a whole, 

Therefore, the OSA Senate upholds its mandate to represent students and actively work towards improving the wellbeing of students and because of this, opposes measure one (1) of the UW System Blueprint proposal,

Therefore, the OSA Senate strongly recommends the creation of a representative committee, made up of shared governance leaders, including students, from each university within the UW System, to advise and communicate with the Board of Regents, to streamline and expedite the discussion process, while also providing more direct communication with the State Legislature, 

Be it resolved, that upon passage of this statement, a copy of this statement will be sent out to Chancellor Levitt, Provost Koker, the Oshkosh student body, faculty and staff, Faculty Senate, Senate of Academic Staff, University Staff Senate, Governor Tony Evers, Sen. Dan Feyen, Rep. Gordon Hintz, Mayor Lori Palmeri, Board of Regents, and the other UW comprehensive institutions.

Sponsors: Vice President Sydney Devitt, Vice President Pro Tempore Austin R. Hammond, Speaker Pro Tempore Aegean McCarry, President Ian McDonald, Speaker of Assembly Stephanie Jost,  Sen. Torgerson, Sen. Caine, Sen. Xiong, Sen. Tryon, Sen. Gowin, Sen. Fleischman, Sen. Swanks, Sen. Bouche


Date: 5/30/20

Statement on Unity and Forward Thinking

To our fellow students,

In the last few weeks and days it appears that racism once again has reared its ugly head,  making itself visible for all to see. We, as fellow students, and as student leaders want it to be known that we stand in opposition to this kind of hate. Martin Luther King, Jr. once said; “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”  We speak out on this important issue to let you know that we see you, we hear you, and most importantly, we care about you. 

If you are struggling during this time, the Oshkosh Student Association (OSA) is here for you. Please know that the OSA stands with any and all who are struggling, it’s our priority to create an inclusive environment that advocates that everyone should have a seat at the table, and that we as a community do all that we can to tear down the barriers that continue to oppress some in society from knowing true freedom and justice. 

Beyond student government, there are also great resources from the Counseling Center, faculty, staff, the Multicultural Education Center, Byron Adams at the Division of Academic Support of Inclusive Excellence,, (920) 424-3080; or Sandy Cox at the UWO Counseling Center,, (920) 424-2061, Inclusivity Action Committee, the Center for Equity & Diversity, and many more incredible resources. 

We believe that everyone is worthy of dignity and respect. Regardless of race, ethnicity, gender identity & expression, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, socioeconomic status, and any other factor, our diversity makes us stronger, it’s who we are. 

During these unprecedented times, OSA believes solidarity and community are more important than ever before. We encourage allies among the UW Oshkosh campus to get involved, speak against injustice,  and ensure we produce an environment conducive to inclusivity and diversity.  Let us make a diligent pursuit to advocate and fight for the dream that Martin Luther King, Jr. dedicated his life to. We are all Titans. 

Let us make it our moral obligation to speak out against hatred, of all forms, and to be a student body that promotes love, wisdom, and compassion for one another. 

– OSA Executive Board