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Due to the campus response to COVID-19 concerns, the OSA has temporarily limited or suspended services to students until further notice. 

Student Legal Services is functioning in a virtual capacity.  The campus food pantry, The Cabinet, is functioning in a limited in-person capacity. UWO Go has suspended service. 

Please, direct any service requests, questions, comments, or concerns to Tyler Klaver, the OSA Office Manager:

The OSA encourages all students to check their emails to stay up-to-date during these times.

The Cabinet (Food Pantry)

Modified Operations:

The Cabinet will now have restricted in-person access. Only one student user will be allowed to use the pantry at any one time. As with the rest of campus, users will need to wear face coverings and comply with any directions given by working Student Volunteer and University Staff.


NEW Online Ordering!

The Cabinet now has options for online ordering for easy access and pickup! Simply fill out the online Order Request Form and follow the directions given.

Our campus food pantry, The Cabinet, is NOW OPEN!
It is located in the Reeve Memorial Union, next to the Titan Underground. 
Donations are welcome! You can drop off any donations at the Cabinet during its open hours. Donations can, also, be dropped off at the OSA Office, located in the Reeve Union, R208C.
A donation box is, also, located next to the Titan Central Desk and is available during the Reeve Union’s open building hours.

For those looking to donate, below is a Wish List of items the program is looking for.

The OSA thanks you for your participation and giving!

For any questions or concerns about the donations or drop-off locations, please contact our Food Pantry Director, Kaitlyn Henry at

For other questions or concerns, please contact the OSA Office: (920) 424-3202;

Wish List (Ideas)

The Cabinet is in need of the following items!

Breakfast Foods and Snacks

Cereal (whole grain), Nuts/Seeds, Oats/Oatmeal, Trail Mix, Granola bars, Nature Valley Products, Quaker Oats Products, Nutra Grain Bars, Honey, Popcorn



Noodles (spaghetti, elbow, penne, etc.), Ramen, Quinoa, Rice, Rice a Roni (all flavors), Breads, Crackers, Popcorn


The Cabinet now accepts Milk and other drink items!

Milk (dairy, soy, almond, etc.), bottled water, Gatorade, etc.



Tuna (canned), Manwich, Chicken (canned), Tofu


Canned Goods

Vegetables (all kinds), Tomato Sauce, Applesauce, Beans, Chickpeas, Peanut butter, Fruit (all kinds), Soup (stew, chili, etc.), Canola/olive oil


Boxed Meals/Foods

Hamburger Helper, Mashed Potatoes, Pre-packaged milk, Fruit Juices


Hygiene/Care Products

Body Wash/Shampoo (Scented and Unscented), Toothpaste, Conditioner, Deodorants (Scented and Unscented), Laundry Detergent, Dish washing Liquid, Lotions, Pads (different sizes), Tampons (different sizes), Shaving Cream, Razors