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The Senate is one of the two houses of UW Oshkosh’s unique student legislature. The membership of the Senate includes twenty-five Senators elected by the student body. These twenty-five Senators are allotted proportionately to the Colleges of Letters and Science, Education and Human Services, Nursing, and Business Administration based on enrollment within those specific collages.

Students interested in becoming a Senator not listed on the OSA election ballot may complete a Senator application on TitanLink, click here, the OSA Office Manager will contact applicants to schedule a meeting with the OSA President and OSA Vice President for an interview.

Meetings are every Wednesday, at 5:00PM, virtually. Check Titan Connection Events for links to the meetings.


Positions and Responsibilities

In general, senators are expected to act as advocates for their fellow students on university matters that the OSA is involved in. Senators have the power to bring forward, debate, and pass resolutions and initiatives that will benefit the student body. They also are required to serve on 1-2 college committees as student representatives. It is expected that all Senators attend the body’s weekly meetings. 

Usually, Senators spend 1-5 hours per week on their Senate responsibilities, depending on what they are working on or what committee meetings are that week. Past that, responsibilities vary depending on the type of senatorial seat someone is in; there are three (3) main types of senators: At-Large, Advocacy, and Academic.

At-Large Senators – represent and advocate on behalf of the student body at large.

Advocacy Senators – represent specific student communities on campus and are tasked with hosting or participating in some sort of event, or authoring a resolution that benefits the community they represent.

Academic Senators– represent specific academic colleges on campus and are tasked with hosting or participating in some sort of event, or authoring a resolution that benefits the college they represent.

Senate Seats

At-Large Senators (10 seats)
Non-Traditional Students Advocacy Senator
Fraternal and Sorority Life Advocacy Senator
LGBTQ+ Advocacy Senator
Women’s Advocacy Senator
Armed Services and Veterans Advocacy Senator
Students with Disabilities Advocacy Senator
First Generation Advocacy Senator
Athletics Advocacy Senator
International Student Advocacy Senator
Multicultural Advocacy Senator
Graduate Academic Senator
Education and Human Services Academic Senator
Nursing Academic Senator
Business Academic Senator
Letters and Science Academic Senator



Vice President – Austin Hammond

Vice President Pro-Temp – Ava Tryon



Marlo Wolf-Dixon  

Taya Fleischman  

Adam Branch 

Liz Jacobson 

Ryan Potter 

Austin Marshall 

Caprice Swanks 

Beth Bouche 

Kev Kollmann 

Lizzie Gowin 

Jacob Fisher 

Brianna Storino 

Amber Raygo