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Club Purchasing and Travel

There are several ways to use university funds to enhance student organization meetings and events. Students and advisers must follow purchasing guidelines for all supplies, printing, food, and travel costs in order to use the student organization account funds and receive reimburses, if needed.

Downloadable Club Purchasing Quick-sheet

Important things to know, first!

  • Check your budget!
    • Make sure you have the available funding necessary
  • The OSA Office CANNOT purchase food for a student organization!
    • Food must either be obtained through Reeve Catering/Aladdin or bought out of pocket through an Approved Vendor (students or advisors can be reimbursed for food expenses)
  • Organizations MUST submit a Student Travel Request if your group wants to use SAC or University Funding. Travel Expense Reimbursements will be denied if the Travel Request is not submitted or submitted after travel takes place. 
  • SAC Rules and Restrictions – Full Rules HERE
    • No clothing allowed to be purchased – No T-Shirts!
    • Exception: club uniforms that are returned every year
    • Budget is not allowed to be spent on fundraising expenses
    • Travel funding is allowed for:
    • Day Trip – Seven (7) students and adviser
    • Overnight Trip – Four (4) students and adviser
    • Can only go on a combination of two of these travel events per academic year
    • Purchased food at regular recurring meetings is only allowed twice (2) a academic year
    • Organizations cannot spend over the amount that SAC budgeted for food for these two events. Check your food line item in your budget before ordering food for these two events. Line item transfers from another line item to cover food are not allowed
    • Gifts/Prizes will not exceed a total of $25 in value per event
    • Gift Cards are not allowed
    • All equipment and supplies purchased is property of SAC/UWO
  • Submit requests fourteen (14) days in advance!
    • If using a SAC/Allocated Budget, we must follow university purchasing rules. These processes, including shipping, might take a while.
  • Preferred items are not guaranteed!
    • University rules and contracts may prevent us from getting specific items. The OSA Office will do its best to get the items you want or acceptable alternatives
  • While using an Allocated Budget/your University Account, purchases are Tax Exempt
    • Groups and Advisers making Food or other purchases out-of-pocket, themselves, have the responsibility to make sure tax exemption is applied
  • Sales Tax will not be reimbursed
  • Treasurers or Presidents should keep and file all receipts and purchasing documents for future reference
  • Purchase values over $5,000 will require other procedures. The OSA Office will contact you with that information

I need to… (select an option):

Purchase Goods/Supplies
  1. Prepare a list of items that your club would like to buy (website links work well!)
  2. Fill out and submit the Student Org Purchase Request form in Titan Connection
  3. The OSA Office will reach out with additional questions and confirmation
  4. Orders will be delivered to the OSA Office (Reeve 208C), who will notify the group that items are available for pickup
Purchase Services or Speakers/Entertainers

Services: anything that is offered by a vendor that is not tangible. Examples include but are not limited to speakers, performers, national organization dues, etc.

  1. Gather quotes and service information
    • Most service vendors can provide a quote
    • Make sure tax exemption is applied
  2. Fill out and submit the Student Org Purchase Request form in Titan Connection
  3. The OSA Office will reach out with additional questions and confirmation when and how the order has been placed
  4. The vendor will need to provide an invoice after the service has been provided
    • Most vendors do this automatically
    • Payment cannot be made without an invoice!
  5. After the Invoice have been submitted to the OSA Office, UWO’s Purchasing Office will process payment via a check in the mail to the vendor


  • Paying these vendors must happen after their participation
  • Paying speakers/entertainers require a signed contract and W9 Forms
  1. The group and Adviser should complete any applicable forms with the vendor
    • Have the vendor sign the contract and upload it to the purchase request form. The OSA will take care of having the contract reviewed and signed by the university
    • Clubs and advisers do not have contract signing authority
  2. Fill out and submit the Student Org Purchase Request form in Titan Connection
    • The OSA Office will reach out with additional questions and confirmation when and how the order has been placed
  3. The signed contract will act as the vendor’s invoice
  4. UWO’s Purchasing Office will process payment via a check in the mail to the vendor
Make a Travel Reservation
  1. Gather all information on what reservations are needed, including:
    • Flights
    • Hotels and rooms
    • Conference registration
    • Car rentals
    • Other SAC approved expenses
  2. Gather all information on all travelers:
    • Names
    • Addresses
    • Contact Numbers
    • Emergency Contacts
  3. Fill out and submit Travel Request Form on Titan Connection
    • Your adviser will have to review and approve your submission!
  4. The OSA Office will review your request and contact you to set up a meeting to carry out your reservations

UWO Clery Reporting and Emergency Contact FormsMust be completed by your advisor!

Pre-Travel Form – to be completed before your group leaves

Post-Travel From – to be completed within three (3) days after your group returns

UWO Clery Reporting and Student Travel Information

Other recommended forms to fill out ahead of time:

  • Club Travel Risk Waiver – must be completed by ALL travelers
    • Can be sent to the OSA Office –
  • Flight/Plane Tickets Request – separate form used to reserve plane tickets
    • Only fill out Traveler Information
    • The rest will be completed by the OSA Program Adviser
    • Can be sent to the OSA Office –
  • Driver Authorization Form – University System Risk Management requirement
    • Must be completed for student drivers to be reimbursed for mileage.
Request a Reimbursement
  • Purchases made out-of-pocket can be reimbursed to students via Allocated Budgets. Advisers can submit for an E-Reimbursement, themselves, as faculty/staff.
  • Travel Expense Reimbursements will be denied if the organization has not submitted a Student Travel Request and have been in contact with the OSA or Dean of Students.
    • For Student Reimbursement:
      • Complete and submit a Purchase Order Request
        • Indicate that is for a Reimbursement
      • Include the following:
        • Your preferred mailing address
        • Original receipt
        • A completed Meal Requisition (for food reimbursement)
        • Attendance list (for food reimbursement)
        • Event/Meeting Agenda or Announcement Email/Flier (for food reimbursement)
        • Any other applicable documents
    • A check will be sent to you via mail
      • This may take a few weeks!