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Student Legal Services

  • Student Legal Services are not available during university seasonal or legal holiday hours
  • Click on the “Legal Services Request” button to request this service

Have you ever...

  • Needed a lawyer’s advice, but couldn’t afford it?
  • Signed an apartment lease and had second thoughts about the legal implications?
  • Paid a bill collector when you didn’t owe, because you couldn’t hire a lawyer?
  • Been frustrated because the Veterans Administration, Social Security Administration, or Welfare Department had decreased or stopped your benefits without an explanation?
  • Been advised that you should appear in small claims court to recover damages owed to you, but felt insecure and confused about the procedure?
  • Felt that you were given an unfair traffic ticket, but did not appear in court to explain your reasons because you were unsure about the legal procedures necessary to prepare your defense?
  • Been angered by a repair shop that over-charged you, but didn’t complain because you didn’t know how?
  • Wondered whether or not you need to prepare a will, and what it might cost?
  • Had questions about insurance or other contacts but didn’t talk to a lawyer because you thought it would cost too much?
  • Felt that your rights had been infringed upon but were unsure whom to contact for help?

If your answer to any of these questions is yes… you should make an appointment with us, OSA Student Legal Services.

Student Legal Services is here for YOU, the students on this campus.  Attorney Erik R. Forsgren is here to answer questions, give advice and help you with all legal matters.  You can rest assured that your visit is strictly confidential, and nothing that is exchanged between you and this office will be discussed outside this office.

Initial visits are made by appointment only and there is a charge of $5.00.  Appointments can be made by phone at 920-424-3202, by email at include your name, phone number, and student id number or stopping by the Oshkosh Student Association office.


About Legal Services

The purpose of OSA Student Legal Services is to assist students in identifying and resolving their legal problems so they can make the most of their educational opportunities. If a legal problem threatens to interfere with your effectiveness as a student, OSA Student Legal Service can help you resolve or minimize that problem.

An attorney and our staff members are available to render legal and referral services to all students who are currently enrolled at the UW-Oshkosh. If the type or complexity of your problem or your desire for services exceeds the scope or capabilities of the program, additional services may be arranged for, at your expense, through attorneys in the community.

Prompt, efficient, and high quality legal assistance for individual students is a key concern of OSA Student Legal Service. Proper attention to any legal matter even if you don’t think it is very serious will often prevent more complex legal action.

It is the goal of OSA Student Legal Service that direct delivery of legal services will not only remove or resolve students’ legal concerns, but will also act as an educational experience in familiarizing them either with the legal rights to which they are entitled and/or the responsibilities for which they, as citizens, are held accountable. OSA Student Legal Service will also offer law related educational services through seminars, workshops, and publications. You are encouraged to attend and participate in these workshops as a means of resolving potential legal concerns as well as to consult members of OSA Legal Service staff about specific legal problems.

Attorney Erik R. Forsgren represents all students on various matters.  He studied law at the University of Louisville, Kentucky and now has his own law practice, which is located in Fremont, Wisconsin.  Attorney Forsgren has been with the Student Legal Services program for almost 25 years.  “I think it is important for individuals who don’t have a voice to have someone who can advocate for them.”


Because the Student Legal Service Program is supported by a part of the segregated fees, the benefits and services outlined above are available to eligible students for a $5 fee, with the following exceptions: Fines or Penalties incurred by the client will be the financial responsibility of the client. Court Costs will also be the client’s responsibility. These costs vary from court to court and from one geographic area to another and are also somewhat dependent on the number and complexity of documents involved.