CAPP Physics Instructor, Nick Goeldi (Ripon High School), recently particpated in the NASA IPAC Teacher Archive Research (NITARP) program. The program consists of teachers and students from across the country working with astrophysicists at NASA to study infrared light coming various star systems. Cooler objects, such as gases that exist around a Star, emit light in the infrared, which will make a stars emission spectrum look brighter in infrared wavelengths. My team was looking specifically for fainter sources of infrared that may have been missed in past surveys and were able to flag 42 sources as being sources of infrared excess. I had four students assist me with the project, attended trainings at Caltech, and presented a poster with our work at the American Astronomical Society (AAS).

Nick Goeldi (Ripon High School CAPP Instructor, upper left) participates in the NASA (NITARP) program.