Course Registration


Scientific Modeling and Computation for Teachers will be offered Summer 2023. You do not need to be a degree-seeking student at UW Oshkosh to register.

Step 1 |
 Complete Prospective Student Information Form

Download and complete the following electronic fillable PDF form:

Prospective Student Information Form (Scientific Modeling and Computation for Teachers)

Several notes:

    • Complete all fields in the form (e.g., first  name, middle initial, last name, previous name if applicable) to avoid duplicate student records.
    • For “Student Signature”, simply enter your initials.
    • Indicate whether you would like to take the course for 2 credits or 3 credits.
    • Save a copy of the form using the the filename format: student_info_Last name_First name.pdf

Note: This course is normally taken as a 2-credit course. However, teachers may enroll in the course under the “Plus-One Credit Option” (i.e., for 3-credits). Under this option, teachers study, implement, and evaluate a NGSS-aligned, model-centered lesson in their own classroom. For a summer course, this work occurs in the fall and grades are transcripted for the summer; for a fall course, this work occurs early in the subsequent spring and grades are transcripted for the fall; and for a spring course, this work occurs later in the spring (same semester) and grades are transcripted for the spring. Results are shared in the form of a written report.

Step 2 |
Submit Form and Undergraduate Transcript

Email the above completed and signed PDF form and, if you are first-time student, an unofficial undergraduate transcript to: (Dr. Mark Lattery, NGMC Director). Once your student information form is approved and signed, you will receive an email from Dr. Lattery with further instructions.


Step 3 | Apply to UW System (New Students Only)

If you are a new student, the preceding email from Dr. Lattery (Step 2) will provide instructions on How to Apply. You will be asked to complete a short, general UW System online form to be recognized by the UW System.


Step 4 | Enroll

Once you are registered in the UW System, you will receive will an email on How to Enroll in your NGMC course at UW Oshkosh. This email will contain your UW Oshkosh login credentials. Please enroll within 2 business days.


Note: Teachers can enter the above registration process by submitting their student information form in Step 1 up until Thursday midnight before the first day of class, the subsequent Monday.

For additional information, contact the Office of Graduate Studies.

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Department Chair

Dr. Carey Woodward


Administrative Assistant

Amy Martin


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