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Tuition and University fees 

For current tuition rates, including base tuition and University fees, see Student Financial Services: Tuition and Fees. A screenshot of current rates is given below.

Note: For all Next Generation Modeling Courses, the same tuition applies to all teachers regardless where you live. Your rate can be found in the left column below (under “Resident” fee).

CAPP adjuncts and other special UW Oshkosh partners (e.g., NEW ERA and CESA 3) are eligible for substantial reductions in graduate tuition and, in some cases, additional reimbursement upon successful completion of the course. Please consult your individual program for details.

Additional Course Fees

Next Generation Modeling Courses for Teachers require access to the American Modeling Teachers Association (AMTA) Modeling Method of Instruction materials and Pivot Interactives virtual labs.

Special Offer

Refer a colleague to a Next Generation Modeling Course! If both of you enroll, you receive a free copy of Deep Learning in Introductory Physics: Exploratory Studies of Model-Based Reasoning (Lattery 2017).

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Physics & Astronomy

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Dr. Carey Woodward


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Amy Martin


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