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Policies & Procedures

Student Expectations

Student accountability and responsibility is important part of developing independence. Therefore, Project Success students are expected to:

  • Adhere to Project Success guidelines & policies for setting up accommodations and services (see Policy for Taking Exams)
  • Attend each and every scheduled appointment
  • Contact tutors if they need to reschedule (see “no-show” policy)
  • Be on time for appointments
  • Prepare specific questions in advance
  • Bring necessary materials (writing, books, notes, etc.)
  • Have a ready-to-learn mindset


Policy for Taking Exams in Project Success

  1. Students must have a valid UW Oshkosh student ID to take their exam in Project Success.
  2. Students are not allowed to take any materials into the exam rooms that are not specifically stated on the blue sheet.
  3. Students may only use scratch paper provided by a Project Success staff member. All scratch paper must be turned in with the completed exam.
  4. Students may not take cell phones, other electronic devices, hats, backpacks, jackets, notes, or other such materials into the testing rooms.
  5. Calculator covers must be removed and inspected prior to entering the testing room.
  6. Students cannot request and receive answers from test proctors.
  7. Students may not leave Project Success, answer their phone, consult notes, etc. during an exam or quiz.
  8. Fill out the test room booking request on Accommodate at least 3 business days prior to the date of the exam or quiz.

No Show Policy

Tutoring is not an accommodation, it is a service. It is extremely important for students to attend tutoring on a regular basis. If a student misses a scheduled tutoring appointment, a Project Success staff member will be notified and an improvement plan will be created.


FAQ’s about services

How do I get a tutor?

With the exception of writing and mathematics tutoring, Project Success only provides tutors to aid in organization and general study skills. 

Please visit the Center for Academic Resources (CAR) to find one on one content area tutoring.


Where are the tutoring labs?

Project Success has tutoring labs for English and mathematics each semester, with no appointments necessary. The tutoring labs are currently located in Clow Room N201. Find more information about tutoring labs here…

Do I have to pay my tutor?

There is no charge for setting up a tutor through Project Success. Students can receive up to 3 hours per week of individual mathematics, study skills, or English tutoring through the Project Success program.

How much does Project Success charge for its services?

There is no charge for Project Success services during the academic year above and beyond the student’s normal resident or nonresident tuition.

How do I set up my accommodations?

Each student is responsible for advocating for his/her own accommodations in college. At the start of each semester (Fall, J-Term, Spring, May-Term, Summer) any current Project Success student who plans to utilize accommodations should submit a Term Request on Accommodate. It is the student’s responsibility to submit a Term Request, and it is in the student’s best interest to submit the request at the start of the semester. Once the term request is approved, an accommodation form will be generated for the student to share with their course instructors through Accommodate.

If a new class is added after submitting a term request, the student will need to submit a new request for the accommodation plan letter to be sent to the new instructor. The Accommodation plan lists the specific accommodations that the student may use, including (but not limited to) extended testing time, distraction-reduced environment, access to a reader for exams and quizzes, access to a note-taker, and/or electronic books.

At the beginning of each semester, the student must disclose their participation in the Project Success program to each professor and discuss the accommodations that they will be using throughout the semester. To help create an efficient process for students and instructors, Project Success staff members are available to work with students and explain the process for setting up specific accommodations.

What should I do if I have a question about my accommodations?

Any student who has questions regarding their accommodations or the use of services should contact a Project Success staff member. All of our staff members are here to help students learn and apply the strategies and skills to become academically independent as they progress through their college coursework. Because our office is student services oriented, it is helpful to call or email ahead of time to set up an appointment. Phone: (920) 424-1033