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Program Forms 

Activate your File

This is the first step you need to do before you are able to utilize your accommodations through Project Success. Please click on the link below to “Activate your File.” Once you complete the form our staff will email you your Accommodation Recommendation (AR) Form for you to email your professor to notify them of your participation in Project Success and the accommodations you will be using.

Activation of File for Fall 2020

Note Taker Request Form 

Please email if you need the Notetaker request link to be re-sent to you.

Additional Forms 

Exam Date Change Form – This is ONLY to be completed if you have already turned in your Blue Sheet but you need to change the date of the exam.

Writing Lab Correction Form– This is ONLY to be completed if you do not want to work one on one with the Writing Lab tutor but you would like them to correct your paper. Fill out the Writing Lab Correction form and email it to the writing lab tutor and they will correct your paper and email it back to you. Please allow at least 3 business days

Release of Information – Buckley Form

Electronic Textbook Request -This form is used if you would like your books in electronic format. All requests and questions go through the Accessibility Center. Please submit the form and send in your book receipts to