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When should I refer a student to Project Success?
If a student in your class is struggling with spelling, reading, writing and/or mathematics, you could refer them to Project Success. When a student is referred to our office, one of our staff members will meet with the student to ask more detailed questions and to set up additional assessments as needed. If our program is not the best resource for the student, we will help them find options on campus to better meet their needs.
How will I know if a Project Success student is in my class?
Students are encouraged to speak with you during your office hours to introduce themselves and describe their specific accommodations and learning needs. Many students will be advocating for the very first time and will be coached by the Project Success staff. Every student in the Project Success program will have a yellow Accommodation Recommendation (AR) form that indicates their individualized accommodations, based on their documentation.
What is the faculty notification form?
The faculty notification form is a form that students ask their instructors to sign after viewing/ discussing their accommodation recommendation forms at the beginning of each semester. The faculty notification form is returned to Project Success so that we can ensure that our students have disclosed their accommodation needs for each class, prior to setting up accommodations through our office.
What should I do if I have a concern about an accommodation request?
If you have any concerns about an accommodation listed on the student’s individualized Accommodation Recommendation (AR) form, it is best to first speak with the student. If you feel that a certain accommodation will jeopardize the content being assessed, please call the Project Success office to determine an appropriate resolution.
How do I work with the student to arrange accommodations?
The Project Success office works with UW Oshkosh faculty members and students to provide efficient and effective accommodation arrangements. It is primarily the student’s responsibility to complete the necessary paperwork to arrange any given accommodation.

The Project Success office asks students to fill out a Request for Test Accommodations form, often called a blue sheet, for every test or quiz that will take place within the Project Success office. The blue sheet serves as a written agreement between the instructor and student detailing the date, time, and additional testing aids allowed for each exam. The blue sheet also gives the Project Success office information pertaining to exam pick-up and return.

When a note-taker is requested for a course, the student will communicate directly with the Project Success office, and a staff member will communicate with the course instructor to procure a note-taker in a confidential and efficient manor.

Additional accommodations including electronic textbooks must be arranged by the student. If you have any questions or concerns about accommodation arrangement or management, please call or email the Project Success office.

What is a blue sheet?
A blue sheet is a form, officially known as a Request for Test Accommodation, that is printed on blue paper. Any student who would like to arrange to take tests and/or quizzes in the Project Success office must fill out a blue sheet. The blue sheet is a written agreement between the course instructor and student outlining the details for the exam, such as date, time, testing aids allowed, and exam pick up and return information.

There is a receipt printed at the bottom of each blue sheet that instructors can retain for their own records to serve as a reminder when an exam must be dropped off or ready to pick up. We encourage students to fill out the receipt for each blue sheet, using only initials or a first name. Instructors who retain a copy of the receipt should be sure to keep them in a secure area of their office to maintain confidentiality of student information.

What is the process for finding a note-taker?
If a student would like to request a note-taker for a course, they must first fill out a Note-Taker Request form. A Project Success staff member will then take the completed form, check to make sure that all students requesting note-takers have that listed as an accommodation, and will email the course instructor to make an announcement in the course. If a note-taker is not found after an announcement is made, the Project Success staff member will continue to work with the course instructor to create emails for the class roster and/or to contact recommended students directly. If a note-taker cannot be found for a specific course, students may either fill out paperwork to record class lectures or work directly with the course instructor to determine an alternative solution.
How are exams stored and monitored within the Project Success office?
Project Success takes exam security very seriously. When an exam is dropped off, emailed, or picked up from a department office, it is immediately locked up within the Project Success office until the date and time listed on the blue sheet. When a student comes to take an exam, their student ID is presented and collected by the Program Assistant. Students are not allowed to bring any materials into the testing rooms that are not specified on the blue sheet, and all electronics, coats, backpacks, and hats must be left in the student waiting room. All testing rooms are monitored by a full time staff member on a routine basis throughout the day, and students are not allowed to leave the office while taking a test or quiz, unless special circumstances arise.

All finished exams are turned back into the Program Assistant and the student receives their ID back. All official start and end times, along with the signature of the staff member who took in the completed exam are included in the envelope that is returned to the course instructors. Exams are locked up until they are either picked up by the course instructor or returned to the department office. The student exam runners are restricted from coming in contact with any exams for the courses that they are currently enrolled in, and will receive signatures from each individual who takes the exams (other than the instructors) when returned to the department office. Past blue sheets are kept in the student’s file for the following academic year.

What is the best way to monitor or track the students in my course who are in Project Success?
This can be a difficult task, depending on the type of course and number of Project Success students in the course. Many instructors will keep small notes or marks in grade books to identify which students have disclosed their participation in Project Success. Confidentiality is extremely important, so it is vital that students are not asked to raise their hand, sign public sheets, or be singled-out in any way in courses because of their involvement with Project Success. Unfortunately, the Project Success office is not always able to communicate with instructors regarding a student’s participation in the program; however, it is okay to ask the student to help send email reminders, to come to office hours, or to ask to see the Accommodation Recommendation (AR) form again.
What is the best way to set up accommodations for in class quizzes or unannounced quizzes?
Many of our students feel uncomfortable getting up to leave class early, or walking into class late if exams or quizzes are held during a portion of the class meeting time. If a situation like this arises, please speak directly with the student and Project Success to create a solution that will make all parties feel comfortable.

It is also possible to make arrangements for students to take unannounced (pop) quizzes int he Project Success office, without giving the student any unfair advantage or information about the quiz. These situations are held on a case-by-case basis, so please call or email to speak with a staff member.

Contact Information

If you have specific questions, or would like more information contact the Project Success office directly (920) 424-1033