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Global Language Requirement Options

Students seeking a Bachelor of Arts through the College of Letters and Sciences may need to meet the global language requirement.  Students have several options for meeting this requirement.

French, German, Japanese, or Spanish

Students take 14 credits of French, German, Japanese or Spanish which generally includes two four-credit courses: 110, 111; and two three-credit courses, 203 and 204, for a total of 14 credits.

American Sign language

One other option for students to meet the global language degree requirement is to take 9 credits of American Sign Language including the three-credit courses Special Education 402, 403, 404.  Currently, Special ED 402 is offered each semester, but Special Ed 403 is only offered in fall and 404 is only offered in spring.

Students who take Special Ed 402 in fall will have to wait until the following fall to take 403 and then finish the three-course sequence the following spring with Special Ed 404.  A student who starts Special Ed 402 during the spring semester will be able to move through the sequence by taking 403 the following fall and finishing with 404 in the spring semester.  After completing Special Ed 404, students who want ASL certification can take the capstone experience in certification, Special Ed 407, Deaf Culture, offered each fall.

One way for students to get a head start on the course material before committing to the ASL sequence is to attend the weekly meetings of Sign Language club.   Dates and times for the Sign Language club are available from the Special Education department office, (920) 424-3421.

Be advised, that tuition for the ASL courses is in a different category from the general university courses.  This means, that the student will be charged for the credits at the current normal university rate of approximately $315 per credit or $945 for the three-credit course even if she or her already is a full time student.  So, if a student has 10 credits of other university courses and signs up for an ASL course, he or she would pay full time tuition plus an additional $315 for the credit over the 12-credit full time class load.