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Mathematics Courses/Tutoring

Project Success Mathematics Course (16-099)

Over 80% of Project Success students are required to take the University’s non-credit-counting remedial Algebra course, 67-100. Years ago, it became apparent that this remedial course was challenging for many of our students. Therefore, each fall we offer a preparatory mathematics course, Direct Instruction Algebra (16-099). The goal of this course is to provide students with additional skills in algebra to enhance their chances for success in the 67-100 course, which we recommend taking during the spring semester immediately after taking the 16-099 course.

Math Lab

The Math Lab is a walk in tutoring option open during the 14 week semester. Students can come to the lab to work on their math homework, ask questions and practice solving problems.

Math Lab Schedule

Lab SupervisorMondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFriday
Kori Martens

Individual Tutoring

Students can receive 3 hours of individual, weekly math tutoring through Project Success. Students are advised to meet early and often with their tutors to build a relationship and review material.

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Supplemental Review (SR)

Weekly group tutoring (SR) sessions are available to students enrolled in the Math 100, 101 or Math 103 courses on campus. For more information about the Math SR sessions, including meeting schedules, click here.