Graduate Students

The majority of students seeking masters degrees in psychology with an emphasis in Cognitive and Affective Sciences at UW Oshkosh were psychology majors as undergraduates. However, several students earned bachelors degrees in non-psychology fields. Our students are active in research with a variety of faculty and some of these projects are supported by graduate assistantships. The two most common reasons students attend this program are:

  1. To get some graduate school experience before entering into a Ph.D. program;
  2. To enhance their options in the workplace by earning an advanced degree.

The students benefit from the full-time nature of the program in that this increases opportunities for interactions with a greater number of faculty.

2021 Grad Students

Research Interests

Sydney Behlman

My research interest primarily lies within the realm of neuropsychology and neurocognitive functioning. More specifically, I am interested in how mental illnesses effect the brain. I would like to extend this into how these effects lead to the subsequent formation of false memories. I am also interested in psychopathy and how it is handled in the criminal justice system. 

Thesis Advisor: Dr. Quin Chrobak


Taylor Hendry

My research interests lie primarily within the fields of cognitive and social psychology. More specifically, I am interested in understanding the challenges of accurately identifying partially occluded faces during the COVID-19 pandemic, and how it has negatively affected social interactions. Furthermore, I am interested in understanding how behaviors, thoughts, and feelings are influenced by various environmental factors.

Thesis Advisor: Dr. Justyna Olszewska

Elizabeth Holland

My research interests are primarily in the area of clinical psychology. I am interested in how
meditation and mindfulness can influence our well-being, mood, and stress levels. I am also
interested in the impacts of ACEs and the effects they can have on mental health throughout the
lifespan. Finally, I am also interested in treatment of older adults with dementia. More
specifically, those who receive treatment in nursing homes or other long-term care facilities.
Thesis Advisor: Dr. Anca Miron

Samara Markle

My research interests fall within both neuropsychology and clinical psychology. Specifically, I am interested in developmental disorders and mood disorders such as autism and anxiety. I am interested in the neurological differences that occur with these and other disorders. 

Thesis Advisor: Dr. Christopher Groves

Kenya Mulwa

My research interests center around marginalized identities and their relationship with a variety of academic, medical, and affective outcomes. My current research explores how racial identity moderates affective experiences in ambiguous situations. 

Thesis Advisor: Dr. David Lishner


Brandi Tennessen

I am currently researching college male allyship behaviors and the motivations that lead to them. In the future I’d like to research academic dishonestly policies and other university policies that prevent faculty from providing proper support to their students. 

Thesis Advisor: Dr. Anca Miron