New Club!

Wow this is exciting.

Although some of these activities may not be possible or will become modified because of current limitations due to COVID19, Psi Chi plans to continue to be active through the upcoming academic year.

More general information about Psi Chi can be found on their international website.

Application Information

Eligibility requires the following:

  • 3.0 GPA in psychology / 3.0 GPA overall
  • 9 credits of psychology completed
  • A minimum of 3 credits of psychology earned at UW Oshkosh
  • At least 45 credits completed overall

*These requirements must be reflected by the most recently completed semester (students that will be eligible at the end of the current semester can apply in the following semester).

Students who are interested in applying need to meet the above listed criteria and complete the following steps:

  1. Save a PDF copy of your current Advisement Report
  2. Complete the “Psi Chi Application Cover Sheet

Fall 2020 Deadline: Friday, Sept. 18th @ 5:00PM

These materials (1 & 2 above) should be emailed to the Psi Chi Advisor – Dr. Chrobak ( no later than 5:00 PM on 9/18/2020.


Application Review and Induction

Applications will be reviewed immediately after the announced deadline.  Students who are eligible will be notified as quickly as possible.

If you are selected for lifelong membership in Psi Chi, admission will require payment of $70 for national and local fees. This should be made as a check payable to “UW Oshkosh Psi Chi.” At that point, Dr. Chrobak will make arrangements with you to collect the fees. It should be noted that this represents a $12 reduction in fees for the current academic year, an attempt to help those suffering the financial impact of COVID19.

Students who complete these steps will be officially inducted in April. However, you are strongly encouraged to attend meetings as soon as your application has been accepted (students will be added to the email distribution list upon acceptance).

Any questions regarding the application process, or Psi Chi in general, should be directed to our advisor: Dr. Chrobak ( Or you can check out our Facebook group:

Psi Chi Officers for the 2020-2021 Academic Year:

President: Micaela Porod (

Vice President: Luke Tacke (

Secretary: Brianna Sabel (

Treasurer: Dana Powers (

Social Media Manager: Abi Gollata (

Events: See facebook page (click here)