The MPA Student, Danielle Block, who is graduating this 2019 spring semester from the online MPA, and the MPA student, Mikko Hilvo, who will graduate from the on-campus program in fall 2019, were awarded with the Stephen Hintz MPA Award at the University Honors and Awards Ceremony on Friday, April 26, 2019. Mikko Hilvo noted about the program: “I am honored to have received the Stephen Hintz MPA award. Thank you!  The MPA program at UW-Oshkosh is an excellent program. It has helped me tremendously in becoming a better department head and a leader for our community.  Through the education you and your staff have provided me I have been able to change our city’s organizational culture, develop a new strategic plan, implement new technology that makes our services more efficient, develop new policies, and learned to utilize various “tools” to help engage our residents in some of our decision making.” Congratulations to both students on well-deserved recognition of their achievements! 


April 26, 2019