On-Campus MPA

The UW Oshkosh Public Administration Department has been offering the on-campus version of the MPA program for 48 years. The on-campus MPA offers students with the opportunity to have face-to-face interactions with their peers and instructors, practice teaching and learning, form friendships, and find potential lifelong professional connections. The on-campus MPA program follows high quality, career-oriented curriculum. The majority of core courses are taught by accomplished tenured or tenure-track faculty members, who embrace a hands-on instructional approach. 


Distinguishing Features

  • Fast completion. The traditional, face-to-face MPA program can be completed in as few as two years (see sample plans).
  • Convenience. Courses are offered primarily on campus on weekends (5 Saturdays per course). 
  • Predictability of Course Offerings. All on-campus courses are offered on a fixed schedule.
  • Diversity and Flexibility of Course Offerings. Some core and elective courses may be offered in a hybrid format (3 Saturdays + 2 online sessions) or 100% online, also meeting student needs for blended education.
  • Manageable Class Periods. Saturday classes run from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m with an hour luncheon break and two 10-minute mini-breaks. 

Renovated Classrooms. On-campus courses are held in the newly renovated classrooms of Clow Hall building on the second floor (see more pictures here)

Small Class Sizes Allow for Personable Education. Class sizes are set to 20 capacity.

Technology-Driven Education. Faculty integrate technology-based and innovative pedagogy in a myriad of ways, creating a lively, modern approach to teaching, learning, and assessment. Students also use technology on campus to teach their team colleagues.

Opportunities for Field Study Trips. On-campus students may also do field study visits in community organizations with their instructors.

Convenient Parking. Parking is free on Saturdays when MPA classes are held. The parking is next to Clow Building.


Applying to the On-Campus MPA Program and Fees

Application Process and Requirements 

Fees and Financial Aid

  • The expected tuition for the on-campus MPA program option can be found on the Student Financial Services website under Graduate. 
  • When on-campus students take courses in 100% online format they pay an additional $150.00 technology fee.
  • Information about financial aid and other opportunities can be found on this website.