Student Awards

Stephen Hintz MPA Award

  • The Stephen Hintz MPA Award honors Dr. Hintz’s service and dedication to UW Oshkosh, the Oshkosh community, the State of Wisconsin and his profession. 
  • Dr. Hintz joined the faculty of UW Oshkosh in 1972 upon receiving a Ph.D. in Political Science from Yale University. During his career he served in many roles, including Director of the Masters of Public Administration program, Chair of the Department of Public Affairs and Associate Dean of the College of Letters and Science. Dr. Hintz has been active in community affairs since the time he arrived on campus. In 1998, he was elected to the Oshkosh Common Council and was the Mayor of Oshkosh from 2002 to 2004. Dr. Hintz received an “Outstanding Community Citizen” award from the Oshkosh Jaycees in 1982.
  • Dr. Hintz is an acknowledged expert in local government, organizational theory and intergovernmental relations. He has been consulting with municipalities on recruitment and management issues since 1980 and continues in that role post-retirement from UW Oshkosh. For twenty years he served as executive secretary of the Wisconsin City/Council Management Association for his lifelong work in promoting public administration.


  • The award is intended to enhance resources available to students in the MPA program in the Department of Public Administration at UW Oshkosh. Award funds shall be used to encourage professional development of students in the program, such as, but not limited to, support for attending professional conferences related to public administration, membership in professional associations related to public administration and recognition of exemplary student performance.


  • The value and/or number of scholarship awards will be determined annually by the selection committee with the UW Oshkosh Foundations and will be based upon income generated by this endowment and in keeping with current policies established by the UW Oshkosh Foundation Board of Directors.
  • The Foundation Board of Directors will distribute income annually, in such proportions as they deem appropriate, in accordance with established Foundations policies. The principal of the fund will be considered perpetually.


  • Selection will be made by the faculty with outside assistance, as deemed appropriate. Students will not complete an application process; recipients will be selected based upon their records of achievement.
  • Award recipients will be announced at the University’s Spring Honors and Awards Ceremony and will also be recognized at MPA Day in the succeeding fall semester.

MPA Graduate Student Honors Recognition Awards

Graduate Student Honors Recognition Award was created by the Graduate Council about 20 years ago. Its purpose is to allow each graduate program the opportunity to recognize the students who showed outstanding academic achievement, with personal service and ability.

General Graduate Honors Recognition Criteria

  • Graduate programs with 16 or more students graduating each academic year (Summer-Fall-Spring) may award university honors to 20% of the students graduating each year.
  • Graduate programs with 15 or fewer students graduating each academic year (Summer-Fall-Spring) may award university honors up to 25% of the students graduating each year.
  • Students awarded university honors must have a GPA that is within the top 30% of the students in the graduate program.

Master of Public Administration Honors Recognition Criteria

  • Student must be graduating in the current academic year (Summer-Fall-Spring)
  • Student must have demonstrated a sustained academic excellence (GPA in top of 30% of graduating students).
  • Student must have demonstrated commitment to public service throughout the course of his/her studies.


  • Selection will be made by the faculty with outside assistance as deemed appropriate.