Schedules and Plans

Semester Schedules

2023 Fall Semester Schedule


  • University’s Books & More (Students can find information about semester textbook titles for all courses by selecting the semester, MPA, course number.)

Long-Term Plans

  • We will be sunsetting our in-person program. This means in-person classes will be offered as scheduled in Fall 2022, but will no longer be offered starting in Spring 2023. All in-person and online students will be merged into one program offered 100% online.
  • We will be offering all classes (with the exception of the capstone) as 7-week courses. For example, if you plan to take two courses in Spring 2023, the first course will be offered over the first 7 weeks, and the second course will be offered over the second 7 weeks. Our goal is provide a more focused experience aligned with best-practices for online education.
  • As mentioned, the capstone will remain a 14-week course to ensure students have the time to develop and execute a project.
  • We will be moving to a fixed schedule to create more predictability for students as they plan their MPA experience.

MPA Program Schedule Changes


Sample Plans for Completing the MPA Program

Beginning in Spring 2023, newly admitted MPA students will be provided with three plans that they can select from for the MPA program: standard, accelerated, or individualized. Students will be directed to enroll in these specific core courses to meet the requirements of their plan. Elective courses will be decided by students based on their emphases. These plans will also repeat for every fall and spring. Notably, students will no longer be allowed to begin the MPA program in the summer semester.

Plan 1:  Standard MPA Option (2.5 years/7 semesters)

Plan 2:  Accelerated MPA Option (2 years)

Plan 3:  Individualized MPA Option (3+ years) – If students are interested in plans that will require more than three years, such as taking one course per semester, they have the opportunity to work with the Department Chair to develop customized plans to suit their individual needs and schedules.


Once admitted to the MPA program, students are strongly encouraged to consult with Dr. Ford ( about creating a plan with courses for the successful completion of the MPA program.

The majority of MPA students prefer taking 2 courses per semester plus 1 course during summers.

If students are receiving financial aid or GI benefits they may find the UW Oshkosh Graduate Studies definitions below helpful in developing their plans for completing the MPA program.

Full-Time Students

Full-time graduate students are enrolled in nine (9) credits for the fall or spring semester, or at least five (5) credits in the summer session.

If a student is a Graduate Assistant, they are considered full-time with six (6) credits during the fall or spring semester, and three (3) credits in the summer session

Part-Time Students

A student has part-time status as long as they are taking at least 1/2 of the 9 credits needed to be considered full-time.
That is, each semester during the Fall and Spring terms, for all MPA students–whether they are first-semester students or returning ones–they need to take a minimum of 2 courses per semester (or 6 credits) to meet the 4.5 credit requirement for part-time.
In the summer, a 3-credit course will meet the part-time requirement because it is more than half of the 5 credits needed to be full-time during the summer.


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