We voted unanimously to adopt these changes to align our offerings with staffing realities and student needs. All of these changes will begin in Spring 2023.

  1. We will be sunsetting our in-person program. This means in-person classes will be offered as scheduled in Fall 2022, but will no longer be offered starting in Spring 2023. All in-person and online students will be merged into one program offered 100% online.
  2. We will be offering all classes (with the exception of the capstone) as 7-week courses. For example, if you plan to take two courses in Spring 2023, the first course will be offered over the first 7 weeks, and the second course will be offered over the second 7 weeks. Our goal is provide a more focused experience aligned with best-practices for online education.
  3. As mentioned, the capstone will remain a 14-week course to ensure students have the time to develop and execute a project.
  4. We will be moving to a fixed schedule to create more predictability for students as they plan their MPA experience.


The in-person students in particular may be disappointed by these changes. I am happy to meet, or set up a call, with anyone who has more questions about these changes. Please do reach out. My commitment to all of you is to do everything in our power to maximize the quality of your MPA experience. The quality of our students is what makes our program so special. I am confident that these changes will set us up for future growth and success.

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