Dear Students,

A few updates about 2024 Spring semester:

  1. Please check the 2024 Spring semester schedule.
  2. If you are not seeing all the classes when you search them in Titan Web, this happens when you are searching open classes only, and the course you want to find is currently full. If you leave the “open classes only” box unchecked you will see the course. If it is a course you need to graduate, please send me ( and Meghann ( an email.
  3. Related, MPA 723 and MPA 742 are already at capacity for Spring 2024. We want to ensure everyone who needs those courses to graduate in Spring 2024, or Fall 2024, have a spot. If you do not graduate until Spring 2025 or later, I urge you to enroll in other core courses for Spring 2024 (MPA 732 and/or MPA 721). MPA 723 and MPA 742 will be offered in Spring 2025, and waiting to enroll until then will free up spots for those who need the courses immediately.

Thank you for your consideration. We are committed to making sure your path to graduation is not delayed.

As always please reach out if you have any questions.


Michael R. Ford (he/his)

Associate Professor of Public Administration

Director of the Whitburn Center for Governance and Policy Research

University of Wisconsin Oshkosh