ACAD 100 Developmental Reading Skills | 2 transcript credits

  •  14 weeks.
  • An academic reading and vocabulary development course designed to help students establish a solid foundation for collegiate academic success.
  • Emphasis on strengthening comprehension, reading strategically for varying purposes, and applying learned strategies to actual coursework.
  • Pre-and post-testing reveals an average gain in reading ability of over three grade levels for students who complete this course.
    Sample Syllabus for ACAD 100

ACAD 115 Strategies for Academic Recovery | 2 credits

  • 14 weeks.
  • Intended for students with GPAs below 2.25.
  • Assists students in developing the behaviors and skills necessary for restoring scholastic standing and achieving academic self-confidence.
  • Topics include motivation, self-management, university engagement, study behavior and strategies.
  • On average, 83% of students who complete ACAD 115 raise their cumulative GPA; 96% rate the course as valuable or potentially valuable for their academic recovery.
    Sample Syllabus for ACAD 115

ACAD 125 Comprehensive Study Skills | 1 credit

  • 7 weeks; also 3-week interim.
  • Open to students of all GPAs, first-years through seniors, who want to develop more sophisticated study strategies.
  • Close to 700 students enroll annually, including students in highly selective majors, such as Nursing.
  • Students will learn and apply strategies for time management, memory, note taking, academic reading, test preparation, and test taking.
  • Every student gets a weekly individual session with a peer mentor or instructor that replaces a class session. 
    Sample Syllabus for ACAD 125

ACAD 135 Applied Study Skills paired with content course | 2 credits

A documented HIGH IMPACT PRACTICE for student success

  • 14 weeks.
  • Must be co-enrolled in content course.
  • Topics are the same as for the 1-credit Study Skills course—time management, memory, note taking, academic reading, test preparation, and test taking–but with extended modeling and practice with the content course content.
  • Each section functions as a small learning community, with the instructor attending the content course along with the students.
  • The potential to raise one’s GPA with this 5-cr. package is strong. On average, students who complete the course earn a grade higher in content course than do their non-enrolled peers.
    Sample Syllabus for ACAD 135

ACAD 169 College Reading Strategies | 1 credit

  • 7 weeks; also 3-week interim.
  • Open to any student (first-year through senior) who wants to develop more sophisticated reading techniques.
  • Develop improved reading strategies by understanding the reading process.
  • Discover how to pre-read, and to skim text quickly and successfully.
  • Strengthen ability to identify and mark ideas in textbooks and other academic reading.
  • Increase reading speed and comprehension (average gain in reading ability of 1-2 grade levels).
  • Includes an online lab component to practice comprehension skills.
    Sample Syllabus for ACAD 169

ACAD 175 Topics in Study Strategies | 1-2 credits

  • 7 weeks or 14 weeks

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