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SRWC Summer Hours:
May 20-August 9:
Mon-Fri: 8am-8pm

August 12-August 30:
Mon-Fri: 6am-8pm

Rec Plex Summer Hours:
May 20-August 30:
Mon-Fri: 8am-8pm

Albee Pool:
Pool CLOSED: June 10th-September 4th

Meet the Group X Instructors 

Every group exercise class here at the Student Recreation and Wellness Center is completely free to all UWO students. We welcome anyone to join our classes, no matter the fitness background you may have. We want you to feel free to come and go as you please and try out all of the different classes that interest you. Meet our instructors below. If you are interested in becoming a trainer click the link titled “Apply here!”. 

Apply here!

Rachael Cupp

Full Body Blast Instructor

Throughout high school, Rachael participated in Cross-fit while working alongside a personal trainer. Outside of teaching Group X classes Rachael enjoys being outdoors and participating in activities such as: kayaking, hiking, and yoga. She is also a member of the Psychology club here on campus. Rachael says that the reason she teaches Group X is because she has struggled with self-confidence and wants to help others learn to love their body through fitness.

“Always try to be the best version of yourself.”

Annabelle Damkot

Women Lifting Up Instructor

Annabelle is an ACE certified personal trainer that loves to go to concerts, travel and spend time with her friends and family when she is not at the SRWC. She teaches Group X because it gives her a change to use her knowledge as a certified Personal Trainer to help women feel welcomed and confident when coming to the SRWC, rather than intimidated. Her class is a women only lifting class that is specifically meant to help women feel comfortable in the weight room and with the equipment.

“Don’t wish for it, work for it.” 

Kate Delcore

Glutes, Core & More Instructor

Kate is an instructor who loves to share her passion for exercise with others who in her free time, enjoys playing soccer, weightlifting, volunteering and shopping.

“I need coffee.” 

Haley Draeger

H.I.I.T Yoga, Sunrise Yoga and Align & Flow Yoga Instructor

Haley is certified in AHA CPR as well as, American Red Cross First Aid and CPR and has had education in NETA Yoga Foundations along with NETA H.I.I.T Yoga. She teaches Group X because she loves to interact with people and help them reach their fitness goals while still having fun. She says that seeing people happy makes her happy!

“Life is all about balance.” 

Baylee Falk

Yoga Instructor

Baylee is a NETA Foundations and YUSA Group Exercise certified instructor. She is also a Walk with Ease and Silver Sneakers Leader. Outside of the SRWC Baylee loves to do anything that includes health and fitness as well as, going to concerts, traveling, exploring cafes, watching Grey’s Anatomy and hanging out with her best friends. She teaches GroupX because she loves to share her passions for fitness and well-being with others Baylee loves watching students improve their own fitness ability.

“Life starts outside of your comfort zone!” 

Sydney Fricke

Core Strength Yoga Instructor

Sydney is a double-major in Economics and Marketing with a Minor in Spanish. Outside of the SRWC Sydney runs distance on the Track and Cross-Country team. If she is not doing that she is either: studying, eating or napping. She teaches Group X because she loves being able to help others work out through yoga, an activity that everyone can participate in.

“Falling down is a part of life. Getting back up is living.” 

Nolan Fullington

Titan Strength & Power Instructor

Nolan is an American Red Cross CE and CPR certified trainer who in his free time, enjoys to write and watch movies. He says that he enjoys teaching Group X because it gives him an outlet to train as many people as he can within a short period of time. Also, he finds the mutually motivating environment to be helpful to everyone.

“For a stone to become a sculpture, it needs to take a lot of hits.” 

Sam Hanson

HardCORE Spin Instructor

Sam is a Kinesiology major with an emphasis in Exercise and Fitness. Her hobbies include: running, yoga and going on coffee runs. Sam loves to teach Group X because it gives her the chance to share her love of fitness with others in a fun and energetic environment.

“Running on coffee and Jesus.” 

Tyler Jensen

Velocity Bootcamp Instructor

Tyler is a Communications major who is also an ACE certified Personal Trainer. Outside of the SRWC he loves to play football, listen to music and work with kids who have disabilities.

“Without mistakes there is no progress.” 

Emily Kubisiak

Spin & Strength Instructor

Emily is a NETA certified spin instructor who in her free time, loves to be social with everyone including friends and family. She teaches Group X because it lets her meet new people and get to know new faces.

“Just do it.” 

Isaac Quinones

Strike and Strike Skills Instructor

Isaac is a double-major in RTF and Music, who has training in Karate and Jiu-Jitsu. He is NETA certified in Kickboxing and is a certified Bodyweight Group Trainer. In his free time, Isaac likes taking hikes, going on photoshoots, traveling to concerts and finding new coffee shops. Isaac says that he teaches Group X because it makes fitness fun, competitive and engaging. He also believes that team atmospheres can lead to greater results more so than training alone. His motto is: 

“Get Swoll.” 

Mandy Petts

H.I.I.T Fusion Instructor

Mandy is a Physical Education major who enjoys camping, playing sports, baking and participating in outdoor activities. Mandy loves teaching Group X because it gives everyone an opportunity to get a hard workout in while having fun and not having to make the workout themselves.

“Everything happens for a reason.” 

Nicole Stallard

Aqua Circuit Instructor

Nicole is lifeguard certified and enjoys hanging out with friends, playing volleyball and volunteering with the Special Olympics Swim Team. Nicole loves that she has the ability to interact with students and staff and teaches Group X because she can impact someones day just through teaching. 

“Live less out of habit and more out of intent.” 

Allie Zahn

Women Lifting Up and Velocity Bootcamp Instructor

Allie is an ACE certified Personal Trainer who is majoring in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Exercise and Fitness. She is also American Red Cross certified in AED and CPR. She enjoys reading, working out, spending time with family and skiing in the winter. She teaches Group X because she wants to broaden her spectrum of personal training and become more confident and experienced in teaching within a group setting.

“Your body is capable of so much more than your mind limits you to.”