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If the University and greater Oshkosh community face a greater threat due to the pandemic, meal plans may change. It is important to keep an eye on your University emails and read them if conditions change on campus.

General Guidelines

Mobile Ordering

Most dining locations are set up so you can order ahead using the GrubHub mobile app. This will help eliminate wait times and lengthy lines at each location. Look for directional signage to know where to pick up your order.

Face Coverings

Face coverings are required at all dining locations. They should be worn when waiting in line, ordering and getting to a table, but can be removed to eat or drink while seated and physically distanced from others.


Beginning Thursday, September 24, seating areas in all dining locations on the Oshkosh campus will be closed for in-person dining until further notice.

Sanitation Stations

There will be sanitation stations in the seating areas. The dining staff will sanitizing tables and seats in-between guests. If they have not gotten to a table yet, or if you want to do extra sanitation on your own, these stations are available for you to use. Follow the instructions posted at the station.

Navigating the Line

Each dining location has been adjusted to provide adequate physical distancing while waiting in line. Look for floor, wall and table signage to direct you throughout each dining location.


Beverage Refills

To minimize high-touch areas, beverage refills are not available at dining locations. Cups for beverages will be increased in size.


Location Specific Guidelines

Blackhawk Commons

Blackhawk Commons is set up to meals to-go. Blackhawk Commons will now be open seven days a week when academic classes are in session.

Entry & Exit – Enter the Blackhawk Commons on the Taylor Hall side. Follow signage on walls and floors to understand how to move through the dining room. Exit on the Scott Hall side.

Payment – Your TitanCard will be required for payment and entry. A cashier will not be able to manually enter your ID number. A contactless reader will be on the register for you to process your TitanCard. All-Access, Classic, Bonus and Ultimate meal plan meals, Titan Dollars and UWO Gift Cards accepted.

Guests – Guests are limited to only one family member. You must use your Titan Dollars or bonus meal to have a guest dine.

Menu – Chef Matt, and the Aladdin Culinary Team, have selected a new menu that will rotate two main menu options for lunch and dinner, include to-go salads, beverages and desserts. Throughout the year, Blackhawk Commons will showcase menu items from the retail locations in Reeve Marketplace (including Clash Burger and Chilaca) on the weekends.

Second Portions – At this time, you will not be able to return back into the serving area for seconds. Menus have been set per line for you to pick up a full meal and portions along the line to go.

Special Dietary Accommodations – Please contact our on-campus dietitian to set a plan for accommodations and use of the Allergen Room in Blackhawk Commons.

Dishroom Renovations – Please be aware we are renovating the dishroom in Blackhawk Commons. We are hoping to finish this project by mid-semester.

Blackhawk Xpress

All meals from Blackhawk Xpress must be ordered via GrubHub before coming to the location for pick up. Only enter the line once you have received confirmation your order is ready.

Entry & Exit – Enter Blackhawk Commons on the Taylor Hall side. Follow signage on walls and floors up the stairs and to the left to Blackhawk Xpress. Exit by walking through the dining room and directly out the Scott Side exit. Seating in the dining room is only for those going through the Blackhawk Commons line.

Payment – Your UWO TitanCard will be required for meal pick up. A cashier will not be available to manually enter an ID number. All-Access, Classic, Bonus and Ultimate meal plan meals, Titan Dollars and credit cards accepted.

Menu – Blackhawk Xpress Room will have a set menu of great to go favorites like the mashed potato bowl and pizza. New this year is that you will also be able to pick up an additional campus-made microwave meal with a beverage and a side for a second meal swipe to-go. This will reduce your need to visit a dining area and adapt to a changing class schedule.

Reeve Marketplace

Entry & Exit – Look for wall and floor signage directing you how to enter and exit Reeve Marketplace. GrubHub pick up for Chilaca, Grains & Greens and Sub Stand will be in a separate location in Reeve Marketplace.

Titan Underground

Entry & Exit – Titan Underground is mobile order only. Pick-up from the outside counter.

Activities – Billiards and darts are unavailable at the beginning of the semester. If all is going well on-campus, those services will become available again.

Payment – Bonus meals accepted on weekdays. Ultimate meals, Titan Dollars, cash, credit card and UWO Gift Cards accepted any day.