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Special Accommodations

Sick Meal

If you are sick and isolated in your residence hall room, you may request to have a sick meal. Available sick meals are menus based upon recommendations for foods best tolerated with either cold-like or flu-like symptoms.For meal service in isolation or Self Quarantine, please see below

Special Dietary Needs

University Dining can arrange a consultation with our dietitian to create a personalized menu for you based on your needs. Please email to schedule your appointment today.

Pack Out Meals

University Dining understands that you and your friends are busy. If you don’t have time to sit down and eat a meal on campus, have a meal packed to take with you from Blackhawk. Please request a pack-out meal through this form.

Isolation and Self-Quarantine Dining

You will be able to use an on-campus or off-campus meal plan if you reside in self-quarantine or isolation housing. Meal service information will be provided when a student moves into those locations