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Feedback & Food Committee

University Dining and Aladdin value your feedback and comments surrounding your experiences in our dining areas or with our catering events. Your feedback and comments can help us improve our service level, understand our customer expectations, and validate the offerings and customer service we are providing. At any point you can email us directly, or visit with Food Committee, a subcommittee of Reeve Advisory Council (RAC). We look forward to hearing from you!

Food Committee

Food Committee assists with the planning of the future of dining on the UW Oshkosh campus through representing students in residence halls as well as those living off-campus. Food Committee brings comments and suggestions from student groups they represent.

Any student with questions, concerns or want to learn more about dining can drop in on Food Committee meetings.

Food Committee meets weekly on Wednesdays at the locations listed below at 4:15 PM during the 14 week academic semesters. All meetings are open meetings. Students can enjoy a FREE meal share feedback about their dining experience.

Spring semester schedule coming soon!

Talk to an Aladdin Manager

Do you have feedback or suggestions surrounding our Aladdin dining locations? Visit the Aladdin website.

Talk to UW Oshkosh University Dining Staff

Let us know your feedback; areas to improve or positive experiences. Please feel free to share any photos as well, if a visual would help explain your experience. Send an email to and we will respond directly to your email, after we have determined a solution or course of action.