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Summer Meal Plans

These plans offer students the flexibility of using their meals any day, and time when dining locations are campus are open.

  • Summer Meal Plans may be purchased with cash, checks or credit cards at Titan Central, or billed to students’ accounts by completing the Summer Meal Plan Sign-Up form.
  • All meal plans are priced for a 8-week summer semester.
  • Titan Dollars must be purchased at Titan Central.
  • Your unused Summer Titan Dollars roll into Fall. All Titan Dollars should be used by the end of Spring Interim, but can be transferred to a UWO Gift Card.
Ultimate Meals

Ultimate plans include a block of meals to be used at any time in most campus dining locations. Ultimate plans also include Titan Dollars, allowing for ultimate flexibility. All Ultimate meals must be used in the semester the meal plan is purchased. All Titan Dollars must be used by the end of spring interim. Additional meals can be added to your account by completing this form.

Titan Dollars

Titan Dollars is a declining balance account that can be used for food and more. When using Titan Dollars to pay for a meal or part of a meal on-campus, you will not pay sales tax.

Summer 2021 Information Coming Soon