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Reeve Union Board Madness

April 1, 2020

Fill out the bracket and submit electronically to by April 1st.

FREE for all UWO students to enter!

Categories are Food, TV Shows/Movies, Musical Groups/Celebrities, and Sport Figures


  • Each day of the “tournament” these individuals will play each other – you are to decide who wins each game
  • Each game will be determined by the seed probability. For example, in the top-left bracket we have Taco (seed 1) playing Salmon (seed 16). This means we will place 16 slips of paper that read Taco in a hat, and one slip of paper reading Salmon in a hat, and then draw at random for the winner. This means the probability of Salmon beating Taco is 1 in 16. Each game will be determined the same way.
  • We will take the first 50 people to submit a bracket
  • Points will be tallied in a normal March Madness bracket-style. 1 point for the first round picks correct. 2 points for the second round picks correct. 4 points for the third round picks correct. 8 for 4th round. 16 for 5th round. 32 for the final game.
  • If we CANNOT read your handwriting, you will be disqualified, so write legibly.

Games will take place on the following days, an email will be sent to you with an updated bracket of the winning teams for that round:

April 2nd – Food 1st round, Sport Figures 1st round
April 3rd – TV/Movies 1st round, Celebrities/Musician 1st round. Updated rankings sent
April 6th – TV/Movies, and Celebrities/Musician 2nd rounds
April 7th – Food, and Sport Figures 2nd rounds. Updated rankings sent
April 9th – Sweet 16 Food round, Sweet 16 Sport Figures round
April 10th – Sweet 16 for TV/Movies, Sweet 16 for Celebrities/Musicians. Updated rankings sent
April 13th – Elite Eight Sports figures announced, Elite Eight Food announced
April 14th – Elite Eight of Celebrities/Musicians announced, Elite Eight of TV/Movies announced. Updated rankings sent
April 16th – Final Four of Food and TV/Movie winner announced
April 17th – Final Four of Celebrities/Sport figure winner announced. Updated rankings sent


April 1, 2020
Event Category:


Reeve Union Board
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