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Individual Pack-Out Meal Request

Pack-out meal requests are for students that cannot visit dining locations because of tight academic and/or work schedules.

  1. This form must be completed and received at least three working days prior to the scheduled food pick up date
  2. Payment accepted: Classic Regular, Ultimate and Bonus meals; and Titan Dollars.
  3. The individual must coordinate all minor additions, deletions or cancellations with Aladdin at (920)424-4430 at least 48 hours before the scheduled food pick up date.
  4. If an individual does not pick up their bag lunch for three days in a row, the request will be cancelled
  5. All pack-out meals are picked up in Blackhawk Commons, Mondays – Fridays during normal operating hours. On Saturday and Sunday, packed meals are picked up at Reeve Union’s Marketplace.