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Diversity and Inclusion DocuSeries

In collaboration with departments and student organizations, and in the context of the
campus-wide focus on liberal education, this film series is designed to improve the intellectual and practical skills of our participation and to emphasize our responsibility as individuals to engage in active and integrated learning. Film topics will change for each film, but each will focus on diversity subject and follow up discussion will explore intersectionality and social impact.

Alternative Break

An Alternative Break is a trip where a group of 9 college students engage in volunteer service over a University break period. Each trip has a focus on a particular social issue, such as (but not limited to) education, privilege, health education and sustainability. Students learn about the social issues and then perform service projects with local non-profit organizations. Alternative Breaks challenge students to critically think and react to problems faced by members of the communities in which they are involved. To learn more, visit Volunteerism.

Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week

The purpose of these events is to spread awareness and to educate the community about the hunger and homelessness culture, to promote equal opportunities and provide visibility for related community organizations. Through this week, the committee hopes to empower the community with the strength and tools to have a positive experience on and off the campus.

Smart Start Salary Negotiation

In conjunction with the Women’s Center, this event is designed to help participants learn how to effectively negotiate salary offers, which is one way to combat the wage gap. Not sure what “wage gap” is? It’s the oft-cited statistic that women make 77 cents to a man’s dollar. But it’s more complicated than that. Race, ethnicity, and gender are all a factor, with Hispanic women facing the largest pay gap. Utilizing resources from the WAGE Project and the AAUW, this workshop will provide students with the knowledge they need to feel confident in salary negotiations in order to combat the wage gap. These workshops are co-sponsored with the Women’s Center, AAUW, Wage Project, UW Credit Union, Career Services and Office of Student Affairs.

Student Organizations

There are over 150 student organizations on campus, and a number of them are focused on diversity and social justice. Visit Titan Connection for a full list.