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Frequently asked questions about the UW Oshkosh coronavirus response

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How will classes continue?

All face-to-face classes must move to alternative methods of instruction through the end of the spring semester and spring interim. Online courses are not affected by this decision.

Instructors can move to asynchronous activities starting the week of March 30 and/or synchronous activities during normal class meeting times beginning the week of March 30. Instructors may not change their classes’ normal meeting times.

How will classes be graded?

Some of our students would like us to keep letter grades so that they can pursue or maintain a strong GPA. Other students would like us to move to a pass/fail model, citing worries about how they will perform with all of the recent changes.

Right now, we are pursuing both options. We want what our students want: flexibility and integrity.

Letter grades will stay, but we want to try and provide students the best of both worlds. It may take a little more time to develop this hybrid-grading approach—certainly more than a one-size-fits-all decision takes. We ask for our community’s patience as we ensure that we do this in a way that works best for our University and for our students. As we maintain letter grades, we will work to provide the option to accommodate students who request pass/fail in certain circumstances. We pledge to notify you as we move forward with this process.

What is the updated deadline for dropping a class?

We have extended the course drop date for the 14-week term to May 15. We are pushing back the drop deadline because we want to give students the time they need to truly get used to their courses as they are delivered in alternative formats.

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