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Request for Access to Student Information Systems (Student Employees)

If student employees need administrative access to the SIS, the supervisor must request accounts that can be temporarily assigned to these employees by completing this access request. The account(s) will "belong" to the requesting department and can be re-used (by resetting the password) when a different student is in the same job. The supervisor bears responsibility for the proper usage of these accounts and of notifying the Registrar's Office if accounts are no longer needed.
  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
    (Allow up to at least five business days for action to be completed)
  • I verify that I have read the UW Oshkosh SIS Access and Compliance statement below, which is incorporated by reference into this signed request. I understand my responsibilities and obligations regarding my student workers and regarding data security and confidentiality. I am aware that failure to comply with security and confidentiality procedures or deliberate abuse of computer facilities can result in loss of access privileges and disciplinary action, including termination of employment, criminal prosecution, and civil suit. I understand my obligations as a responsible supervisor of student employee, SIS accounts and the data to which they will be granted access. I understand that I will receive account information along with a compliance form back when the account is ready. I will have my student employee read and sign this form. I will keep it on file in my office.

SUPERVISOR: Please read the UW Oshkosh SIS Access and Compliance Statement to understand your responsibility. Your employee will be given a copy of this for to sign at the orientation.

UW Oshkosh SIS Access and Compliance Statement

PURPOSE: By submitting this form and requesting accounts to the SIS for student employees, you certify that as their supervisor, you will instruct these employees regarding the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and state and university regulations and policies that apply to the proper use of educational record data and related security measures.The security measures serve four general purposes:

  • To secure critical data from accidental or intentional abuse.
  • To protect the privacy of the University’s students with respect to their electronic academic records and SIS data.
  • To provide access to enable an authorized University official/employee to perform the general and specific job duties outlined in his/her position description.
  • To maintain satisfactory computing system operation for the benefit of all users.

RESPONSIBILITY: As their employer, you will be aware and make certain that student employees using these accounts realize that the granting of access to SIS carries with it implicit responsibilities that:

  • They will store under secure conditions all data that they obtain from on-line panels, data warehouse or extracted datasets, including printed data as well as on-line transmission of data (email, fax, etc.).
  • They will be a responsible user of data, whether it is data relating to their work unit or another unit. This is especially important given the shared environment of SIS.
  • They will make every reasonable effort to interpret data accurately and in a professional manner.
  • They will log off SIS when not using it.
  • They will not share their password(s) or others’ passwords or attempt to know others’ passwords.
  • They will access only that information they need to perform their job at the University. This means no casual browsing of data.
  • They will make every reasonable effort to maintain privacy of the data. This includes knowing what constitutes personally identifiable and confidential information, and what constitutes “directory” or public information and observing the student’s right to withhold this information.
  • Whenever personally identifiable student information is requested, if you(as the supervisor) or the student employee is not certain of the requestor’s “legitimate educational right and need to know” or the student’s desire to withhold information, you or the student employee will refer that request to the Registrar’s Office (Dempsey 130) or Student Affairs (Dempsey 148). Examples: a student’s advisor requesting the student’s GPA has a legitimate educational right and need to know; the chairperson of a social club to which the student belongs and who makes the same request does not have a legitimate educational right and need to know.

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