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Title IX ViolationThese forms can be used to report any Title IX-related incident, including but not limited to sexual assault, rape, sexual violence, domestic violence, dating violence, stalking, sexual harrassment, or discrimination based on gender identity or sexual orientation. A confidential reporting option is available. (Title IX)
Discrimination or HarassmentThis form can be used to report issues concerning Affirmative Action or Equal Employment Opportunity, discrimination, discriminatory harassment and retaliation, sexual violence or harrassment, consensual relationships, workplace violence, or child abuse/neglect. More information: (EOEAA)
Accessibility ConcernThis form can be used to submit comments, concerns or complaints regarding the University's commitment to maintaining an accessible and welcoming environment for individuals with disabilities. (EOEAA)
Workplace ConductUW Oshkosh promotes a working, learning, and social environment where all members of the campus community work together in a mutually respectful, psychologically healthy environment. Employees can report bullying, violence, threats, misuse of system property, ethics & Professional standards of conduct violations, and more. (Human Resources)
Executive Order 54—Child Abuse or NeglectAll UW System employees are required to report child abuse or neglect observed or learned of in the course of their employment immediately to local law enforcement or a county social services agency. (EOEAA)
Consensual Relationship ReportingUW Oshkosh has policies to ensure that the employment and academic environment is free from real or perceived conflicts of interest when UW employees, students, and affiliated individuals, in positions of unequal power, are involved in consensual romantic or sexual relationships. Any employee involved in a consensual relationship must report it to their supervisor and fill out this form. (Human Resources)
Complaints/GrievancesPolicies used for formally reporting a complaint or grievance.
Bias Motivated IncidentThis form can be used whenever an instance of bias occurs. (UWOPD)
Student Care TeamThe overarching philosophy of the Student Care Team is that all students can benefit from coordinated care. If you are concerned about a student call the Dean of Students Office at (920) 424-3100 for assistance. (Dean of Students)
Non-Emergency IncidentIf you witness a non-emergency incident of criminal activity and would like to report it, please fill out this form. If immediate police assistance is needed, dial 911 (9911 from an on-campus landline) or call UWOPD at ext. 1212 before filling out this form. (UWOPD)
Work Injury and IllnessIf an injury or illness occurs at work, the employee must complete this report and submit to their supervisor promptly after the injury or illness has occurred. Learn more about worker's compensation at UW Oshkosh. (Risk and Safety)
Supervisor's Accident Analysis and PreventionIf an injury or illness occurs at work, the employee's supervisor must complete this report and submit to their supervisor. The employee's supervisor must ensure that the employee’s first injury/illness report and this form are submitted to the EHS Coordinator as soon as possible. Learn more about worker's compensation at UW Oshkosh. (Risk and Safety)
Vehicle IncidentIn case of an accident involving a state-owned vehicle, the driver of the vehicle must submit this completed and signed form within 24 hours of the accident. (Department of Administration)
Report a Safety Concern or Close CallThis form can be used to report a potential source of injury or property damage, i.e., an "accident waiting to happen;" or an incident that nearly resulted in injury or property damage, but didn't. If you believe there is immediate danger of severe injury or damage, dial 911 or call UWOPD at ext. 1212 before filling out this form. (Risk and Safety)
Fraud, Waste and AbuseThe UW System provides a hotline to report instances of fraud, waste, and abuse. This is an easy, anonymous way for students, staff, and faculty to report something they believe to be wasteful or wrong. (UW System)
Conflicts of Interest/Outside Activities ReportingThe UW System requires that faculty, academic staff and limited appointees submit a report describing any remunerative outside activities they engage with in their field of professional interest. (UW System)
Responsible Employee Title IX ReportingIf you are a responsible employee and you receive a complaint of sexual misconduct, including any assault, harassment or other sexual violence, it is your duty to report the incident. The university is deemed to be on notice and must take immediate* and appropriate steps to investigate or otherwise determine what occurred. If you have any doubt whether you have an obligation to report, you should report to the Title IX Coordinator.

Employees can report incidents in one of the two ways below:
Speak to the Title IX Coordinator or a Deputy Title IX Coordinator on their campus.
Utilize the Official Reporting Form to make a report about an incident.


Retaliation is defined as any attempted or completed adverse action taken without a legitimate reason against an individual because he or she has filed a complaint/report under the policy, opposed a policy or practice the individual believed was harassment, sexual assault, domestic violence or stalking; or participated in the investigation or resolution of a complaint. Retaliation is a violation of University Policy, whether or not the allegation is substantiated.


Confidential resources are noted. Overall, information shared via any of these reports that are not designated as confidential are treated as private. Private means the information shared will not be disclosed to anyone who does not have a need to know.

Other Reporting Options

For concerns unrelated to the other reports available on this page, you may use the following contact information:

Faculty or Instructional Academic Staff

Office of the Provost
Phone: (920) 424-0890
Dempsey Hall 335

Professional Academic Staff or University Staff

Human Resources Office
Office of Equal Opportunity, Equity and Affirmative Action
Phone: (920) 424-1166
Dempsey Hall 328 and 337



Dean of Students Office
Phone: (920) 424-3100
Dempsey Hall 125

Student Care Team

The Student Care Team (SCT) is a collaborative group that is responsible for coordinating care for students at UW Oshkosh. If you are concerned about a student, call the Dean of Students Office at (920) 424-3100 for assistance.

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