Important Dates


Restructuring Overview


All UW-College campuses will remain open during and after the realignment, and tuition at all institutions involved will remain the same. There are several guiding principles on which we will operate:

  • Transparency and accountability through open forums and regular updates
  • A focus on supporting and engaging faculty, staff and students
  • Attention to student success and high-impact practices
  • Community engagement across the entire geographic region
Campus Involvement

We are committed to engaging students, faculty, staff, community leaders, and other stakeholders in making this a successful transition. Regional restructuring committees are being established, which will form a central Steering Committee. All stakeholders will have a voice in this process, so please watch for upcoming events at your campus. There are eight working teams with sub-committees that will carry out the discovery, planning and implementation work:

Team Officers

  • Strategy Officer – Martin Rudd, Regional Executive Officer and Dean at UW-Fox Valley & UW-Fond du Lac
  • Planning Officer – Anne Milkovich, Chief Information Officer at UW Oshkosh
  • Communications Officer – Mandy Potts, Director of Communications at UW Oshkosh
  • Higher Learning Commission Liaison – Charlie Hill, Interim Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs at UW Oshkosh

Functional Leaders

  • Academics – John Koker, Interim Provost at UW Oshkosh
  • Administration – James Fletcher, Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration at UW Oshkosh
  • Student Affairs – Dr. Cheryl Green, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs at UW Oshkosh
  • Information & Technology – Laura Knaapen, Director of User Services at UW Oshkosh
  • Governance – Steve Bentivenga, Faculty Senate President at UW Oshkosh, and Ane Carriveau, Senior Academic Librarian at UW-Fox Valley
  • Culture & Identity – Laurie Krasin, Regional Director of Communications at UW-Fox Valley & UW-Fond du Lac
  • Marketing & Branding, and project communications officer – Mandy Potts, Director of Communications at UW Oshkosh
  • External Affairs – Bob Roberts, Interim Executive Director of Advancement, Director Grants & Faculty Development at UW Oshkosh

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UW System Information

The UW System offers resources about the proposed realignment through the UW System Restructure website. Thank you for your continued support and commitment to our students and the citizens of Wisconsin.