Sage Hall 1210

General access lecture hall

Theater Mode

Display: 1 Sanyo PDG-DHT800L

Audio: 8 wall mounted surround sound speakers & 1 bass speaker

DVD/VHS/Blu-Ray: Blu-Ray supported

Screen: 15′ screen

Only Blu-Ray projection available while in Theatre Mode. The connected Blu-Ray player is located in Sage Hall 1210A.

Technology Information

Computer: PC – Dell OptiPlex 5090

Display(s): 2 NEC NP-PA803UL-41ZL projectors

DVD/VHS/Blu-Ray: Blu-Ray supported

Document Camera: Elmo PX-30E

Audio: 3 front wall-mounted speakers

Laptop: HDMI connection

WiFi Available: Yes

Microphone: Lapel microphone in room; connects with Hearing Loop System

Room Information

Capacity: 260

Furniture: Tiered fixed modern tablet armchairs

Board(s): White board

Screen(s): Projection onto wall

Flooring: Carpeting

Lectern: Height-adjustable desk

Podium: Yes

Sage Hall 1210 front of room
Sage Hall 1210 back of room
Sage Hall 1210 device selection