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Special Classes

RTF 399 – Los Angeles Connection

Next course offering: January 2021 (Fall 2020 Interim)

This special class offers a unique opportunity for students to gain first-hand knowledge of the Los Angeles media industry. Students will research and experience various career and media companies in the LA area. Students will work with UWO alumni and other media professionals who will share their knowledge and expertise. Note: Course counts towards upper-level elective requirement for the RTF major or elective requirements for RTF minor.

Instructor: Justine Stokes | Dates:

  • January 4-8, 2021 — Classes held at UW Oshkosh
  • January 10-22, 2021  — Study Away in Los Angeles (Dates not finalized.)


  • RTF 120 (May be taken in Fall 2020)
  • RTF 250 (May be taken in Fall 2020)
  • 2.5 GPA
  • Instructor permission
  • OIE Application and RTF interview are required for admission

Note: Course requirements may be waived with consent of instructor.


  • 12-14 students

Application Process

The application process for this course is handled through the Office of International Education. 1Review the OIE program guide for the course. Here you will find all pertinent information about applying, participating, and paying for the program. 2 — Applying to the program. OIE Steps I & II. To be accepted to program by the end of Spring 2020 term: Complete Steps I & II of the OIE application by May 15, 2020. Interviews will be completed the following week.

  • Step I – Initial Application.
  • Step II – Application Packet including 200 fee.

Step II also includes an RTF application (completed through OIE) that includes the following:

  • 3 essay questions
  • resume
  • letter of reference from a non-RTF, UWO faculty or staff member

To be accepted to program after Spring 2020 term: (Applications will be taken until the class is full or until the STEP II deadline.) Complete Steps I & II of the OIE application by September 14th, 2018 by NOON. 3 — Course Acceptance. OIE Step III.

  • Once you are accepted into the course, you have until September 21st, 2018 by NOON to complete Step III.

— Payment of Program Fees & Orientation

  • First Payment of $1,000 (or full fee if the total due to UW Oshkosh is less than $1,000) is due the last Friday of October 2020.
  • Final Payment, including all related tuition fees, is due the first Friday of December 2020.

Areas of Focus:

  • Television Development
  • Scriptwriting
  • Talent Agency
  • Producing
  • Production
  • Post Production
  • Entertainment Marketing
  • Promotion
  • Career Development

Cost Breakdown

  • Tuition (contact Student Accounts for more information)
  • OIE Application Fee: $200
  • Trip Costs: TBA — includes airfare, hotel, ground transportation and admission fees
  • Food Costs: ~$480 ($40 x 12 days) — depending on how much you eat out
  • Entertainment/Incidental Costs: Varies

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