On Campus Location Filming Request Form - Radio TV Film
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On Campus Location Filming Request Form


Your request will be directed to Chief of Police, Kurt Leibold and Police Lieutenant, Trent Martin. This request does not guarantee your location. In some cases, many levels of approval will be required to ensure a successful request.

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    Please list one name and ID number per row.
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    Please list one name per row
  • Identify any action taking place during your campus location scenes that might be misconstrued by the public, such as fighting, yelling, brandishing weapons, etc. (Guns may not be used on any exterior campus location.)
  • Be as specific as possible. Access will not be granted to the following areas: rooftops, heating plant, Counseling Center, Health Services and Nursing Ed.
  • Identify any changes or modifications you will be making to the space, including (but not limited to) moving of furniture, the addition of major props and furniture, etc.
  • Please be realistic. You cannot request a space for a full day or entire weekend.
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    By checking this box, you understand that you are responsible for any damage, breakage, loss or theft to any person or property while filming at this location. All campus spaces will be returned to the original setting that it was in at the time of your arrival.