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Equipment Lists

Tools for every production need

The following equipment is available to students, faculty and staff in the Radio TV Film department. For a full list of available equipment when making reservations, visit the RTF Production Hub on canvas.

Digital Video

  • Sony PMW-1R XDCAM EX Full HD Camcorders
  • Sony PMW-200 XDCAM EX Full HD Camcorders
  • Sony PMW-EX3 XDCAM EX Full HD Camcorders

Digital Cinema & DSLR Cameras

  • Canon EOS C100 Cinema Camera 
  • Panasonic GH6 Mirrorless Camera 
  • Sony FX9 Cinema Camera 
  • Sigma Cine 5-Lens Set 
  • Canon 8-64 Zoom 
  • Canon EOS-60D DLSR Camera

Lighting & Grip Equipment

  • Aputure COB LEDs  
  • Aputure RGB LED Panel 
  • Litemat LED panels 
  • Arri and Lowel Tungsten light kits 
  • Kinoflo Interview light kit 
  • Matthews Doorway Dolly and track 
  • Manfrotto Slider

Radio Field Recording Equipment

  • Marantz PMD 660 Flashcard Recorders
  • ElectroVoice 635 Microphones

Film Cameras

  • Aaton XTR+ 16mm film camera
  • CP16 sync sound film cameras

Lens & Filters

  • Matte boxes
  • Multiple lens filter kits, equipped with ND filters, polarizers, color correction filters, low contrast filters, #25 red filters for B&W photography and black pro-mist filters

Audio Equipment

  • Sound Devices MixPre6 audio recorders 
  • Audio Technica shotgun mic kits
  • Sony EW100 Wireless Lavalier Kits 

Radio Remote Equipment

  • TieLine iMixG3 IP-based remote mixer, Merlin receiver and ReportIt iPhone adapter
  • Marti RPT-30 VHF transmitter and RR-50 receiver
  • Conex FlipJack FJ500 cellphone-capable phone board/mixer

Radio TV Film Department

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