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TV/Film Production

The following are our TV and film production facilities and equipment in each.

Broadcast Studio 1 (A/C W110)

Professional broadcast studio capable of live and live-to-tape HD television programming. Capable of multiple studio setups using permanent grey hard cyc or studio flats and studio lighting. A floor-to-ceiling chroma-key allows for post-production special effects and virtual sets.

  • Multi-camera setup with 3 Panasonic HD broadcast cameras with ability to expand to 4
  • Teleprompter
  • ETC Ion Lighting System
  • Studio lighting including tungsten, fluorescent and LED lighting

Broadcast Control Room (A/C W202)

Professional control room capable of broadcasting from the two television studios.

  • Ross Carbonite 24 input HD video switcher
  • Ross Xpression real time motion graphics and character generator
  • Ross HD Blackstorm Video Server
  • 12 input Audio Arts Audio production board
  • Ross Inception News and Social Media System
  • HD Multi-display wall system
  • Ion Lighting System Control

HD Remote System

High definition remote system capable of broadcasting and web-streaming HD from anywhere on the UW Oshkosh campus.

  • Ross Crossover Solo Switcher
  • Ross Xpression Graphics and Animation System
  • 4 HD Panasonic Camera System

Digital Production Studio 2

(A/C W111)

Multiple-purpose studio space capable of professional broadcast studio productions and film setups. Multipurpose apartment set for single-cam and multi-cam production.

  • Multi-camera setup with 3 Panasonic HD broadcast cameras expandable to 4
  • TelePrompter
  • Ion Lighting System
  • Studio lighting including tungsten, fluorescent and LED lighting

Master Control (A/C W1)

Master Control houses the equipment and computers for the broadcast facilities, along with film and video equipment for play-out and recording.

  • Titan TV Master Control with Cablecast System featuring Carousel Bulletin System and HD VOD Service.
  • 360 Systems Image Service 2000, DVD and Satellite playback.
  • Playback and recording on 16 mm film, 3/4″, VHS, SVHS, DVD, MiniDV, BetaSP, IMX and AJA KiPro.
  • Marshall LCD video monitors and Wohler audio monitors
  • Sony HD Monitors